Malicious Bidders

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This is to warn new sellers of mallicious bidders,

This is more a problem on expensive items. imagine how you would feel having your auction go to pot after 9 days of a 10 day listing? 

As i  had a spiral staircase worth several hundred pounds to sell i included in the listing "negative or less than 5 feedback bidders contact me before bidding" This is so that they can provide contact details to show they are a genuine bidder. 

Even though this is included "7320sandy" with zero feed back bid on the staircase without contacting me. I then sent a message to the bidder to explain i was happy for them top bid but they should confirm their details,but they would not respond to any messages.

This 7320sandy is registered in dorset, i am in manchester the staircase in the auction is very large and very heavy.

This is an example of malicious bidding, an attempt to bid when you dont meet the requirements set out in the auction and dont intend to buy the item, just disrupt the auction.

Be warned bidders like 7320sandy will quite happily wreck an auction costing you time and effort to relist the items, so how do you avoid it?

The first thing to do is clearly set out your terms regarding negative or 0feedback bidders and stick to them, secondly  you can remove any bids and block bogus bidders  in the controls for the item you auction after a bid is made. You can send a message to them explaining why the bid is removed. You can also remove bidders from the "blocked" list if they then prove themselves to be genuine. If you have a persistant bogus bidder you can block them from bidding in any of your auctions when setting an auction up.

You should also report malicious bidders to ebay as it brakes their rules.

hope this is usefull for new sellers to avoid having to relist expensive items because of malicious bidders.

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