Mama & Papas Luna

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I bought 1 of these for my little boy and loved it. It folded neatly in to the car, was easy to push and easy to spot in a busy shopping centre!

I ended up taking it back to the shop because I felt that it was not safe enough. My little boy could sit right forward and could almost fall out.   The shop assistant told me to tighten the straps or add an extra harness if I was worried, which didn't help my concerns'..................!! Why should I have to add an extra harness it should be safe enough?

The final straw came when my little boy caught the back of his head and bruised it because he was able to move around freely, I took it back and told them I wanted a full refund (they had to contact M&P first for approval!) I was given my money back and offered a different pushchair (Pliko P3, which I can't get along with)

They thing is I miss my Luna and so does my Husband. I hear they have made great improvements to it and have added a bumper bar!! (reading an earlier review, I could have got one free??) I am gutted.

My opinion of the first addition of the Luna is terrible but would give the new improved version a go?

Lou :0)

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