Mamas And Papas

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Just read an article about the mamas and papas customer service and their refund policy. I have recently had the same problem with them. I had purchased the luna pushchair, and within 4 weeks I was back to the store with a fault to the backrest of the pushchair, being that it sits at an angle. My son was always uncomfortable in it as he was stuck to one side. I was even approached in newcastle while shopping off another mother who had the same problem.

When I went to mamas and papas their attitude with me was discusting, all they did was tighten the harness which she had the tight I had to loosen it to lay him back, they told me if the harness was tightened properly I would have no problem, so I pushed him around the store and yet agin he fell straight to the side. Their answer was 'babys fall to the side,thats where their comfortable'. My son is 1 year old he can hold him self up hes not a new born, and it only happens with this pushchair. They did not want to listen to anything I had to say and they refused to take the pushchiar in to be checked saying it was a waste of time. I also asked if I could exchange for another abd thier answer was 'we don't swap pushchairs willy nilly'.

I phoned customer service who were no help at all, they told me they would look into it and get back to me, Im still waiting 5 weeks on. Needless to say I dont have the pushchair any more, I bought a maclaren which is a dream. I would never buy another thing from the mamas and papas store, and would advise anyone else to purchase anything m&p from another store like fenwik.



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