Mamas & Papas (Be very careful buying their car seats

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For all new mums and dads out there or expectant mums and dads - I would just like to let you know what happened to us when we bought a Mamas and Papas Primo Viaggio Car Seat for a newborn. We bought our seat five months before our baby was born, and when we started to use it we noticed that our baby was flopping forward a little bit, but as new borns don't move around that much, we thought maybe it was the way our baby was lieing. After a month or so it became clear that the seat really was suitable for our baby, he was flopping forward, and the car seat was potentially dangerous if we were in an accident as our babies neck would have been injured or even broken, if he was pushed forward. I contacted Mamas and Papas about this problem and advised them that I was very concerned about what could potentially happen to our baby should we be involved in an accident. They said my purchase was out of guarantee because I had at that point had the item more than six months, and that their car seats met the European Safety Standards, and didn't appear that interested in the fact that my baby had been put at risk of serious injury.

I bought a new car seat for my baby, and would not recommend Mamas and Papas, they charge a lot of money for their goods, which gives the impression that you are purchasing a quality safe item, but I would not class the Primo Viaggio car seat as a quality safe item - in fact I would not advise any parent to put their child into one. I also found other customers on review websites who also had the same problems with the Primo Viaggio car seat - they also ended up having to buy new car seats, with no help or feedback from Mamas and Papas.

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