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Pliko Pramette

Three words!! I LOVE THEM!! So so practical, easy to push, lovely design. I cannot fault the Pramette at all. Here are some other mums verdicts on the Pliko Pramette

"The Pramette is expensive but I loved it! Great for shopping, going on public transport, trips to the park, going on buses and walking, and folds down brilliantly to put in the boot. It doesn't need a separate carrycot to make it a pram"

"This is a fab all-rounder - good value for money and lightweight -- so easy to use should you end up with a caesarian section. It has good accessories to clip on and off to meet baby's needs (if you get the travel system it includes a carrycot and a car seat) and strips down to pushchair when the child is older. I'd happily buy one of these again and just wish I'd bought this one in the first place."

“The Pliko Pramette is an ideal choice as your baby can face you when he is small and when he gets a bit bigger it is just a case of unzipping a few zips and moving the hood position. Then you have a buggy that will last throughout her toddler years.”

“Adequate in country parks and on unmade roads (I live in the country). It's small and easy to store, hard wearing and I'm absolutely chuffed with it!"

"I wanted one of these for my first son but was put off by the price. I ended up paying a lot more by buying unsuitable alternatives. The Pramette really is worth the money as it converts easily from pram to pushchair. I love it as it goes in a straight line with the wheels locked and is light and easy to push with one hand. Also has a lovely tight turning circle and is so slim it has no problem going through shop doorways."

"I love the Pramette because it's nicely padded and it folds down umbrella-style (although obviously still a lot larger than a stroller). I have a Fiat Seicento which only has a tiny boot but it fits perfectly in there.”

"The Pramette means a newborn baby can lie down, but you can very easily change it to a forward-facing pushchair later on. I can also get loads of bags of shopping on the handles and it still doesn’t fall over when you take your baby out, as it's nice and sturdy. I've had mine for ten months and it's still going strong and looks immaculate. The covers come off to wash which is certainly very handy too!"

"I can (just) fold it one-handed whilst holding my rather heavy baby. It's also light and compact hence why I'm still using it. Most mums I know with babies my son's age have moved on to pushchairs, as their first buggies/prams were too bulky."

"Exceptionally mobile, ideal for trips round the shops, even with basket or bags in one hand, you can steer with the other, round corners, aisles etc."

"Great all-rounder! The turning circle is great - really easy to move in shops. It's lightweight too and easily fits into the boot of a small hatchback. We've taken it to the shops, walks, the zoo etc! The fact that the buggy easily turns into a pram is great - we used it loads when Eryn was tiny. It meant she could lie out flat. It's really easy to change it from pram to buggy - it's just a zip."

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