Mamas & Papas Unhelpful service

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I have just read a story about Mamas & Papas and although so far (touch wood) I haven't had faulty goods, there service is the most unhelpful I have dealt with.  We purchased a cot plus numerous other items a while back and did not receive the goods.  When we phoned to query where they were we were informed that they had been delivered.  This was definitely not the case as I think we would have noticed a cot in our doorway!  After much toing and froing we found out that the goods had been delivered but to the wrong address.  (I won't go into my thoughts on the people who had accepted the goods at their door - I'll leave that to your imagination.) 

We explained to M&P that I had in fact given birth 2 weeks early and they 'advised' we go round to the other house and collect our goods!!!  This was repeated a number of times to my husband but we didn't think this should be up to us to do plus I didn't really want a cot that had been in a stranger's house.  I actually couldn't even believe that it had been suggested.  It took countless phone calls until they finally asked what I thought they should do.    I suggested they just send us a new cot and picked up the other one as and when they liked.  They eventually did this.  You really need their expert guidance at a time like this!




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