Mamas & Papas....why is this brand so sought after?

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I've just read a report on a faulty M&P product by someone on this site. I agree with everything she says. I've had two M&P products given to me as gifts and they were both poor quality, yet it seems to be a 'fashionable' and 'desirable' brand amongst mums. I think they're overpriced but was happy to receive a rocking seat and a mobile. The rocking seat had an apallingly designed system for adjustment and folding away. Within two uses it was broken where the very soft plastic could not take the stress of the steel rod which slotted into it and it simply gouged away. The last time I lay my baby in it, it collapsed with her in it, which she wasn't best pleased about and neither am I. As per the other writer, M&P refused to refund or swap saying it was our mishandling which caused the problem. They didn't want to know, they couldn't be bothered to take the object in to be looked at, in fact, they didn't even want to look at it in the shop or in private or anywhere. They didn't apologise.

Im a very careful user of evrything I own, it's all looked after, cleaned, and serviced (my pushchairs), I'm a 37 year old 3D-designer and maker...Im not stupid and I can handle products and read instructions. The mobile brook after just a few weeks where the loop on the wind-up musical unit that takes the hook from the hanging arm snapped just through the tortion of twisting round and around with use. M&P products are blessed with beautiful designs graphics-wise but build-quality is shoddy and materials used are not on a par with the prices charged for their my opinion. The experience in the Bristol shop in returning the rocking reclining chair shows that they don't give a monkeys for customer service. If they'd even bothered to take me seriously at all, I might not have found it necessary to warn others about my experience. Im glad I didn't waste MY hard-earned money on them.

A lucrative industry is the baby goods market you know.

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