Mamas and Papas Pliko P3 System - only for shopping!!

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This is just a quick note to mention my M&P Pliko P3 Pramette. Yes, it's a fab bit of engineering it fits like a dream into even a Smart Car boot. I bought it for my daughter with the additional car seat, beacuse the abilty to lie her flat when she was small was wonderful (I find it very distressing to see some tiny babes hunched over alseep in strollers and car seats for hours on end, when, for their backs, the best thing is to lie flat).

She is now 25lbs and even in the buggy mode she can still lie relatively flat. The only problem I have found is that unless the terrain is a shopping centre or well tarmac'd pavement, my P3 lets me down... I have a small dog which I walk every day, not 'off road' but up and down the hill that I live on. My P3 managed this daily for about a week before it developed a squeak. This was over one of the rear wheels and being a sealed joint was unable to be fixed by the shop I bought it. The shop owner suggested I used hairspray as a lubricant? The break also cannot be relied on as it seams to have a mind of its own!

I ended up purchasing a fixed wheel jogger which is huge in comparison, and heavy but it takes the hills.

My humble advice? M&P excellent if you live the glossey lifestyle they advertise in their brochures!!

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