Mamas and Papas Pushchairs

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Hi there, as a Mum of three, I have tried every conceivable pushchair, and can say in all honesty that I would recommend try them in shops before you buy, as a feature I may like, you may not etc... I would however strongly recommend staying very clear of Mamas and Papas!!! I have tried each new model of the pliko since 1998 when my first Daughter was born, and they have ALL broken, had bits fall or shear off, raincovers split after a few uses and wheels going wobbly and footplates breaking off! Not as you may think due to heavy use from rough handling or boisterous children! These things have all happened within the first 9-12months of owning the pushchair! I took the pushchair back to the shop each time and was told to deal direct with Mamas and Papas as the retailers never get anywhere with them. I thought this strange until my first dealing with them!!! Un-helpful and rude are just some of the things I can say to describe their customer services. They flatly refuse to acknowledge you have a problem and refunds are a BIG no-no. My advice, buy a pushchair to suit your needs and budget, don't get swayed by fancy Italian designer names for poorly made goods!
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