Mamas and Papas ora

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Firstly, anyone who says the harness doesn't keep the child in properly, are stupid stupid people!!!

Mamas and Papas have most of their pushchairs now with a floating harness. This gives the full security of a fixed 5 point harness, but it gives the passenger more manoverability.

Mamas and Papas certainly wouldn't put their name on anything that was not to the highest of standards.

I don't beleive half of these reviews at times, and I am glad that I like to try products for myself.

I have alot of buggies and pushchairs, due to some obsession with them, and each one I have has recieved reviews ranging from very good, to very bad, and I have never had any problems with any!

I bought the Ora, and I love it.

I wish the height handle was slightly lower, as i am only 5'0, but i knew the handle height before I bought it as it was listed. But I liked the look of it so bought it anyway (I usually only go for handles no higher than 104cm)

However, this is certainly not a fault with the buggy, and as for pushing, it is very smooth, the seat is roomy, and my 2 year old looks very comfy in it. And whats more, no one tries to get out of their buggy more than he does, due to the terrible two's, and trust me, no matter how hard he tries, that harness doesn't let him budge out of that seat, but as I said earlier, he can lean forward, which is what he likes to do to be able to lean on the bumper bar at the front. Point being, some silly womas claims her 14 month old nearly fell out twice in one shopping trip , sorry but that is rubbish. She obviously wasn't using it correctly!

It is very good value for money, as it comes with the raincover, and the cosytoes, and the changing bag, these items alone in Mamas and Papas store usually range from £20 - £50 each too.

Another woman said her cosytoes broke the first time she used it - well she must have forced it or something, as i had a good look at mine, and went over the stitching, and everything, and the quality of it is the same high standard as any other Mamas and Papas cosytoes i have ever had.

Summery: -

This pushchair is fab, good value for money and just as good as any other Mamas and Papas product, and in fact it will be sold in store later on in the year (Like the Mamu that was initially sold in Argos!)

It is also practically identical to the Luna pushchair that is £150 in Mamas and Papas stores excluding accessories. The only difference is that the Luna has height adjusting handles!

Hope I helped

Many Thanks.


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