Mamas and Papas refund policy

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I bought a cot bed from Mamas and Papas that was supposed to be from birth to 6 years old, when my son was 3 months old the cot collapsed with him in it, luckily he was okay. When we had alook at what caused the cot to collapse we found that there was a manufacturing fault where the screw fitted from the base into the side pannel. dispite numerous phone calls and emails including photos of the deffect, mamas and papas refused to replace the cot bed saying my child must have ...... wait for it ....... been jumping up and down on it for it to give way. Remember my child was 3 MONTHS OLD and the cot bed was from birth to 6 years. I would never buy anything from them again. I had the same experience when the break on my three wheeler buggy BROKE. If they had appologised and offered to replace or fix the items I would have been happy and recomended them based on their customer service, instead I Will never ever recomend them to anyone. I have 5 children just think of how much money I might have spent had they looked after their customers!!!
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