Mamas and papas freestyler pushchair reveiw

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You really cant go wrong with this pushchair unless you want a parent facing one, thats why  i didnt keep mine. The shopping basket is huge, no faults there, the best ive had for shopping,  steering so light, light to fold (for a pushchair not buggy) easy to fold, good suspension, can go up kirbs without having to lift to stop baby feeling the bump. Has a bumper bar for baby to pull themselves up on, which they like to do.  Can fold with seat unit on, real bonus, unlike the MPX system!!!They are also fairly good off road on not too bumpy surfaces.  The recling mechanism isnt the best design, easy to trap fingers, and needs 2 hands, so baby can fly all the way back in one go. I would recommend this pushchair, as you can pick them up cheap on ebay and they really do the trick in so many ways. Wouldnt recommend for busses though. Looks wise, a bit dated.  LOOKS - 6/10  MANEUVERABILITY - 8/10  SHOPPING - 9/10  COMPACTNESS - 6.5/10  PRICE USED - 9.5/10
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