Mamas and papas lack of health and safety

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My baby was given a pip the bunny, from Mamas and Papas, as a gift from a friend.  The tag said it could be used from birth and I would lay it next to my baby on the floor.  I started noticing what I initially thought were worms in my babies stools.  Horrified I went to the doctor who informed me they were not worms but threads.  I then inspected all the toys my 2 month old baby had been in contact with and discovered that the threads matched Pip the Bunny.  I hadn't realised but the threads came away really easily and my baby had been swallowing them - I felt terrible that I had simply trusted a brand name.  I went in to my nearest store and checked other toys and found it was a common problem.  I phoned Mamas and Papas and asked them if they could either do a product recall or change the labelling as this toy was not appropriate for birth.  I did not ask for any personal gain, and told them I was concerned that my baby could have choked on the threads and that my babies digestion had been compromised as I had decided to exclusively breast feed until 6 months and that would not now be the case.  They told me not to worry that my baby had swallowed the threads as they had tested them and they were not toxic, and that the risk of choking was minimal and they did not feel that there was any further need for action.   As a parent I find this lack of attention to the health and safety of babies shocking.  My concern for other babies was dismissed as was the consequences for my own baby.  A small risk of choking should not be dismissed nor should a compromised digestive system.  I felt devestated by my baby swallowing these threads as any new mum would.  I think it is very worrying that this company is selling products that should have the highest standards of health and safety and yet they seem very happy to cut corners on their products.  There are plenty of retailers out there please do not believe the Mamas and Papas wholesome image the reality is they have very little concern for the well being to their consumers.

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