Manchester City Ticket Buying Guide

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Manchester City Ticket Buying Guide

Manchester is a city known for the many quality football teams that play there. Manchester City is a time-honoured team that has been around since the Victorian Era. For fans of the team, getting tickets to a game is one of life's great moments, when they can join with like-minded fellows and watch as opponents clash. For those who live in Manchester, tickets might be purchased at the stadium or online at websites like eBay. For those who live outside of Manchester, but who would still like to visit the city and enjoy a game, online orders are generally the only option available.

Tickets to a Manchester City game can be purchased on the official website, or on eBay from one of the seemingly infinite amount of sellers. When buying tickets to a Manchester City game, it can be helpful to learn a bit about the team and the history of the organisation prior to attending. It also helps to know what to expect at a game in terms of the stadium and game conditions. Preparing for a game can make it much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

About Manchester City

Manchester City made a name for itself in the early days of professional football. The team had a number of significant victories in the early days of the 20th Century. The next half century would be a good one for the team as they had a number of thrilling victories, featuring some memorable players and coaches. The culmination of this period was the 1956 final, which is still considered one of the most thrilling finals in history of the sport. After this period, however, there was a short period of decline when the team was relegated to the Second Division in 1963.

However, this did not stop Manchester City, and the team became a powerhouse in the 1960s and 1970s once again. For many fans during this period, it seemed like the darkest days were behind them. This was not to be as the 1980s and 1990s were a very difficult period for the team. The 21st Century initially seemed to be more of the same, but in 2011, the team began a rebirth, with a number of significant victories and some highly remarkable talent on the team.

Team Colours

Blue has been one of the staple colours for Manchester City since the 19th Century. For home games, their colours are sky blue and white. Away games feature different colours that vary slightly, but usually include black and either red or maroon.

Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City plays, is unique in the sense that it was not built as a stadium for the team. Etihad Stadium was initially built in 2002 for the Commonwealth games. After the games were completed, Manchester City moved in, leaving behind Maine Road, where the team had been playing previously for nearly a century. Etihad stadium is also known as the Eastlands, and many locals and team fans prefer to call it by that name. The name Etihad comes from Etihad Airlines, a company that arranged a sponsorship deal with the team for ten years.

Getting to Etihad Stadium

As is the case with many stadiums in large urban areas, it is possible to reach by using public transportation. This prevents the buildup of heavy traffic, and allows fans to leave the stadium faster than they would if they all drove cars. In the case of Etihad Stadium, there are a number of bus lines that travel to the stadium. There is also a metro line to the stadium that comes directly from Piccadilly Station.

What to Expect at a Match

A Manchester City game can be a thrilling experience that may resonate in the memories of fans for years to come. There are seats for thousands of screaming fans in Etihad Stadium and the energy felt there can be quite intense. It should be noted that Etihad Stadium is an open air stadium, which means that attendees are subject to the whims of the weather. Preparing for various weather conditions can make attending a game much more enjoyable. These preparations may include bringing a coat or jacket that is designed to protect the wearer from water or wind. It may also be helpful to wear a hat. Sunny weather may require protective sunscreen or some other means to keep sun from damaging skin.

Food and Drink

In the area that immediately surrounds Etihad Stadium, there is little in the way of food and drink. This means that eating a quick meal before the game starts or getting something after the game may be difficult. If one is taking a train to the stadium, there are places to eat around Piccadilly Station. For the most part, however, those who attend a game may either have to try to bring something in or purchase the food that is made available at the game.


Many visitors that flock to Manchester City games are typically from outside of the Manchester area, and may not be able to return to their homes at a reasonable time. Many stadiums have hotels and other lodgings nearby, but this is not the case with Etihad Stadium. For lodging, visitors are going to be more successful if they look elsewhere in Manchester. As is the case with food and drink, the area near Piccadilly Station has a number of options for those who opt to take a train.


Manchester City is known for having some of the most passionate fans in professional football. Every home game is likely to feature legions of these fans wearing the traditional sky blue of Manchester City. While clothing that happens to be sky blue is popular, many fans are not content unless they can wear official apparel of the team. This clothing can be found in many retail outlets as well as online via eBay.

Fan Traditions

Manchester City is one of the most beloved teams in the U.K. This factor, combined with their long history, means that a number of fan traditions have been developed over time. Many of these traditions are musical in nature. The unofficial anthem of Manchester City is 'Blue Moon'. This song is sung by fans and played at the stadium in support of the team. Other songs that are popular include, 'Boys in Blue', 'Invisible Man', and 'We're Not Really Here'. There are also a number of fan chants that can be heard at games in Etihad Stadium.

Know the Stadium

Along with making certain that attendees are dressed for the weather and have made arrangements for food and lodging, it is helpful to know the layout of the stadium. While there are a number of maps of the stadium online, there is also the option of touring the stadium in person as well. These tours can even take place on the day of a match. While a tour can be illuminating in terms of where certain sections of seats are found, it also provides access to dressing rooms and other areas that are only accessed by the players on the team.

Buying Manchester City Tickets on eBay

Manchester City tickets, like those to many other sporting events and concerts, are available on eBay. These are official tickets and can be purchased for most games during a season of football. After you have prepared yourself thoroughly in anticipation of attending a game, it is time to find the right tickets. Tickets to see Manchester City can be found by using the search bar on any eBay page. This search bar can be used with many different kinds of search terms, but a simple one, like 'Manchester City tickets' is usually acceptable.

Be Thorough

It is always a good idea to thoroughly examine any tickets before making a purchase. This can provide information regarding where seats are located. Finding the right seats can be useful, especially when one is planning to sit in a certain area to avoid overly bright sunlight. It is also helpful when one is buying tickets for a number of different people, all of whom want to sit together. Reading any product descriptions can also provide other useful information.


Manchester City is one of the most remarkable teams in U.K. history. While many teams experience a rise and fall, Manchester City has experienced both, but has been able to find new success again and again. It is partially for this reason that fans around the world don sky blue to show their support whenever Manchester City plays a match. For those who want to see their heroes in action in their home territory, tickets to Manchester City are easy to purchase.

Before making a purchase, however, it can be helpful to learn a bit about the team's history, along with information about the stadium where the match may be played. Attending a game can be incredibly fun, but it always pays to be prepared in terms of clothing, food, and lodging. This is particularly important for those who may be attending a game from far away. With careful preparation, all focus can be on cheering for Manchester City as they take on a foe, whoever they might be.

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