Manmade 'Gemstones', know what you're buying/selling!

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I decided to write this guide after browsing ebay for jewellery, I was reading someones write up for a Mystic Topaz pendant where they decribed the stone as '100% natural'.  This is very misleading, as topaz isn't found like that, it has a thin film on it to create that rainbow effect.  So here is a small guide to manmade 'gemstones'.

Mystic topaz is colourless topaz with a thin film/coating giving it the desired rainbow effect, and is not a naturally occurring topaz.

Goldstone ( also known as sun sitara or sunstone)  is a type of glass made with copper, it is the copper which sparkles.  You will often see this sold as a tumblestone but it is 100% manmade, it was invented by accident in the 19th century.

Cherry Quartz is not a quartz at all, it is in fact glass.  It is not pressed like other simulated stones but is mixed/swirled about with dye when melted, so it never looks the same, this is why it looks so much like real quartz. Other manmade quartz is listed below -

Blueberry Quartz (see cherry quartz)

Phantom Quartz (see cherry quartz)

Watermelon Quartz (see cherry quartz)

Pineapple Quartz (see cherry quartz)

Strawberry Quartz (see cherry quartz)

Opalite is a confusing one, most of the time this is glass, but sometimes it is a name used for poor quality opal.  It's something I try to avoid but when I have bought opalite (or sea opal) beads I always discribe the jewellery I make with them as glass.

Blue Howlite does not occur natually, it is white howlite that has been dyed to look like turquoise.

Chalk Turqoise is generally lower grade turquoise that has been ground up, mixed with epoxy and dye and reconstituted into what would appear to be good quality turquoise.

I will add more as I come accross them.  Still one of the best ways to know who you are buying from is feedback.  If people have feedback questioning authenticity then I always move onto the next seller...I hope this guide is helpful!


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