Mario party 8-wotta let-down!

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Hi,we bought Mario Party 8 for the Nintendo wii more than 3 months ago,i think it has been played aprox 5 times by the family!It is a total let down as far as we can ascertain!We actually play the older gamecube versions of mario party on the wii as they are loads better!We paid £35 for it when it came out,we still have it there incase it grows on us but to be honest I can see it getting traded in.We had wario smooth moves and it has turned out to be a really fun family game,along with the gr8 all round sports game you can really have some fun.The boards on MP8 as we call it are not that imaginative,give it a go if you so desire but I'm being truthful that it really isn't too good.We are living in hope that they don't muck-up Mario Kart when it comes out on wii as it is usually the very best game for Nintendo!

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