Masonic Regalia

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Buying Masonic Regalia - What you should buy, what you shouldn't

eBay is amazing if you are looking for regalia when joining a new order. Much of the regalia we wear, we may only wear on very few occasions before we gain a promotion, and have to buy new again. Therefore eBay is a great place to pick up a bargain.

However, there are somethings which are often too expensive. Sellers not understanding the true value of what they have, often over price items. A sixty year old apron, that is battered, dirty has less value than a three year old apron. Just because of its age doesn't mean that it is valuable. 

You may also come across other items on eBay which shouldn't be sold, Grand Lodge certificates should be returned to Grand Lodge when a Brother passes to the Grand Lodge above.

There are also many new items on eBay. From some very well respected sellers, often at prices lower than on their own websites.

Antique jewels can also be found on eBay, but one word of warning these items, can often end up in bidding wars. So if there is something valuable to your Lodge, speak to members of your Lodge to ensure that you don't start bidding against each other!

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