Massage and its benefits

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Massage is derived from the greek word massein which means to knead. Massage is the manipulation of the body by stroking, kneading,vibration,friction,rubbing and various other methods. Massage can be dated back to the greeks and romans and oriental medical practitioners. Massage is known to aid the immune system, reduce pain, stress and depression.

The basic goals of massage are to aid the body in its healing process, promote good health and promote an healthy state of mind. Reasearch shows massage can lower blood pressure, slow musclues and reduce the effects of anxiety and depression.

Massage improves the circulation of blood and flow of the lymphatic fluid. The effect of steadily applied pressure can improve circulation, as well as this it stimulates nerve receptors which makes the blood vessels expand this makes the blood travel faster through your body which in turn has a positive impact on your life.

Many types of massages exsist each benefiting the mind and body in different ways. Massages on offer

Relaxation massage

Remedail massage

Sports Massage




Pain Relief.

All of the above have a positivce effect on the body, from massage you derive a sensation of release your muscles feel lighter your head seems clearer and it leaves you feeling so relaxed. It is a powerful method of comfort and healing. Whether done by a professional masseues or a close friend or family member you will feel the benefits.

If you cannot talk someone into giving you a back rub everynight or have the money to spend on professionals, the next best alternative is the home use gadgets. These give you the same sensations and benefits and can be used at anytime.

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