Massage couches

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Whilst some people might say I am biased, because I sell massage couches with a two year warranty. Can I just raise a small issue.
Recently I bought a cheap (£54) massage couch off Ebay, just to use on courses where students perhaps dont look after kit as well as I do. When it arrived one of the screw fixings was damaged. When I complained I was given the Nth degree over what where when.... outcome...I couldn't be bothered to send the part back, but fixed it myself.

Then I thought, ahh that is why the two year warranty on the tables I sell is so important. My tables have a two year warranty, and there are advised working wieghts on tables......
So please do beware when buying a cheap table. You get what you pay for. Pay for a cheap import table without quality assurance, you are liable if something goes wrong when your client is on it
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