Maternity Clothes

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Firstly Congratulations on your Pregnancy !! May it be a wonderful time of change and new experiences !!

The first rule of thumb is to stick to your Pre-pregnancy size. Good suppliers and manufacturers take the pregnancy form into account when designing maternity clothing. Stretch panels, elastics, zips, bump panels, ribbon ties should all be the norm in Maternity wear.

Don't be afraid to make your very first maternity purchases soon after you find out about the pregnancy.  Bloating is quite common in the first trimester as the body is quickly adapting to the growing womb, your breasts may also swell or feel tender. Trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy size jeans and tops is a no go if you want to feel comfortable.  Of course there are some ladies who will be able to get into their normal clothes for quite some time. Bump Bands are a good way to progress into maternity jeans if they seem to slip down when you are walking or standing but perfectly ok when you are sitting down. Bump bands come in a range of colours to suit your clothing and simply slip over the waistline of a pair of trousers, joggers or jeans.

Secondly do not compromise your sense of style in Pregnancy. There are some fantastic maternity clothes out there its just a case of finding your style and some key pieces to accessorize your outfits. Don't go with frumpy, maternity clothing has come a long way since the old days, be proud of your bump, show it off, you will miss all the attention and happy looks once baby is here, then all the attention goes to the little bundle of joy !!

Bangles, beaded necklaces and fancy earings all go a long way to jazzing up a plain old black maternity top and jeans. Accessorize to your hearts content with jewellrey, scarves, wraps and hats.

Lastly but most important, this is your pregnancy, your 9 months, there are plenty of well wishers out there but also plenty of people with nothing better to do except throw THEIR experience your way, positive or not. Do things your way, take some of the advice on board, do follow the advice of doctors and midwives you will definately need lots when baby is born but remember to enjoy the pregnancy, 9 months seems a long time but it sure does fly by very quickly !!!

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