Maternity clothes

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How to buy your Maternity Clothes

Congratulations! You're pregnant...or perhaps you know someone who is.

Excellent. But then panic, because you have nothing that fits any more!

One of the first things that you will find here in the UK is that our selection of clothing for the Mummy-to-be is poor. So have a look on Ebay and the choice is much greater.

The first decision to make is...which size?   The answer is easy. Buy your normal pre-pregnancy size. Allowances are made. It is possible that you will need a larger size as your pregnancy progresses, especially if your chocolate intake increases, like mine did!

Second decision....which panel? Shirts, tops and dresses are generally easy as the allowance is made in the design and cut, but trousers, jeans and skirts often have a tummy panel. There are several different kinds.

  • No panel: usually with an adjustable elasticated waist. Often cut to sit below the bump, especially useful in the earlier months, and invaluable after the birth until your middle gets back to normal!
  • Demi panel: also great for the earlier months and after the birth, it's a wide band (about 9cm) of elastic all around the waist. This also sits under, or on the bump.
  • Side panels: 2 stretchy inserts at each side of the waist. Can be accompanied by an adjustable elasticated waist. Usually fits high over the bump. Great for all through and after pregnancy.
  • Full panel: A wonderfully stretchy all around panel, about 14cm deep, fantastic for comfort in the later months, and straight after the birth.
  • Extended panel: often called the classic panel, this is the stretchy pouch at the front of the garment. Fantastic for the later months and comfort for the bigger bump.
  • Roll panel: my favourite!  It's a deep stretchy panel of all around fabric which you can roll under the bump, fold on the bump or pull it all the way up to cover the bump. Whichever suits. It's suitable for any stage of pregnancy and so comfortable afterwards too. Why aren't normal clothes made like this???!!!


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