Maximise Your eBay Business. I will show you how.

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Did you know I have 10 eBay members advertising and promoting my auctions? Did you know you can do exactly the same? It's called cross promoting and eBay lets you cross promote with up to 10 eBay sellers. What happens is when you sell an item the buyer sees items from your cross promotion partners, and when they sell something they show your items. It's so simple it's brilliant. And as you don't advertise your partners items till you sell something you can only increase sales.

So how do I cross promote with other sellers? First of all browse eBay and look for sellers selling the same items as you, it's best to keep the items being cross promoted relevant. As I sell eBooks what I did was look for eBook powersellers and high volume sellers. Write down 10 usernames and then login to your eBay account and click on 'my eBay'.

Now look down the left hand side of the page for 'cross promotion connections' This is in the 'My Account' category. Now click on 'request new connection' and enter the eBay ID of one of your chosen sellers. Click on continue and send the request. Your partner will now receive a message from eBay and will either accept or reject the request. Now repeat the process till you have sent 10 requests. Tip! Try and send a few requests to buyers from other countries. This will help your business expand worldwide. Tip! Look in eBay pulse for high profile sellers. If you can cross promote with a high volume seller you are onto a winner.

You will probably find about half the sellers will accept your request. Simply keep looking for sellers till you are cross promoting with 10 sellers. That's it. You now have 10 eBay members promoting your auctions.
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