Maximol – Solutions and Classic

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Maximol Solutions contains high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) values from concentrated extracts of strawberry, elderberry, green tea and orange all combined to provide superior antioxidant support. Maximol is formulated as an organic fulvic acid complexed micro colloidal solution for maximum availability to the body.

Maximol's improved formula contains an advanced Mineral Matrix, an advanced trace mineral complex derived directly from rich deposits in the Great Salt Lake, the site of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville.  Maximol’s Mineral Matrix is an advanced blend of macro and micro minerals which are often lacking in today's diet and play a critical role in the maintenance of good health. 

Maximol will make a major contribution to your immune system; it will help you fight off many common diseases so prevalent today. Maximol Solutions nourishes and supports your cellular health, helping you feel better and more energetic than ever.  Maximol Solutions is a well-balanced nutritional health supplement, which should be incorporated into your daily diet thus putting your body back into balance and leaving it free to fight off any infection or disease. 

Neways has taken special care to introduce these essential and trace minerals to the body in their most usable form, complexed with organic fulvic acid electrolytes.  Neways scientists have added the nutrients in Maximol in amounts which make them work in a synergistic way, in other words the whole becomes greater than the sum of parts.  Neways range of nutritional supplements is an innovative coupling of Eastern tradition and Western Biotechnology. 

Maximol has been formulated to detoxify, nutrify and energize the body's systems.  On top of all this, the research and science development team have also been able to add powerful phyto-nutrients and fruit extracts in a combination that enhances this formula even further, making this liquid supplement unmatched in the marketplace today.  This diverse and unique liquid formula contains minerals that are found in plants and come from the soil and water, these are naturally found in human tissues.  It is also a timed-release formula providing sustained nutrient release throughout the day, ensuring that your body gets the nutrition it needs at all times.  A performance formula that promotes optimum digestive health and helps immune function by supporting the growth of friendly bacteria.

There is an important factor in the composition of Maximol Solutions as it can selectively support the growth of beneficial bacteria by providing prebiotic food for the friendly bacteria in the intestinal system along with aiding absorption of many important minerals, thus improving bio-availability.

In addition, Maximol Solutions features antioxidant rich blueberry and raspberry purees, providing peak ORAC potential.  Along with the "organic fulvic acid electrolyte" mineral concentration, Maximol Solutions also supplies eighteen select amino acids, thirty imported enzymes and essential fatty acids, as well as significant nutrients and vitamins.  Both solutions help compensate for mineral-deficient foods found in the average diet.  Packed with 67 essential and trace minerals, 17essential vitamins, 21 amino acids, three enzymes, and lactobacillusacidolphilus, Maximol Solutions provides maximum mineral bioavailability for your mineral-deprived system. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of the body, which lead to the production and maintenance of proteins.  Amino acids--some of which are manufactured by the body while others must be obtained as part of the diet--are the essential building blocks of protein.  The amino acids in Maximol Solutions come from non GMO soy protein isolates which is the most natural source available.  The amino acid complex in Maximol Classic is derived from rice protein concentrate, which is the most natural source available for amino acids.

Antioxidants are necessary for reversing and neutralizing the free radical process and should be part of any healthy lifestyle.  Antioxidants function by neutralizing free radical molecules, which are responsible for oxidation and have been linked to aging and disease.  Oxidation, and oxygen radicals, are well known and documented, and can lead to cell damage and these antioxidants are the foundation in Maximol for combating the effects of free radicals.  Wild blueberries may be small, but they have emerged as an incredibly powerful natural food source of antioxidants.  Green Tea has a high concentration of polyphenols, a special class of bioflavanoids which are potent antioxidants that support the body against free radical damage and degeneration.

To improve the absorption, Maximol's minerals are very small, ionic particles with an electrical charge that binds them to the liquid formula. Maximol's Lipisome delivery system also helps with its absorption, it has been estimated that Maximol is up to 98% absorbable. Add all this together to make Maximol Solutions an exceptional nutritional supplement and a true market leader.

Echoing the nutritional benefits of its adult counterpart, Maximol Solutions, the Junior Max contains a number of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fruit concentrates and other nutrients, all designed to support optimal health during the oh-so important childhood and pre-adolescence years.
These liquid vitamin and mineral solutions are now recommended by over 400 registered Doctors and Complementary Health Therapists, in the UK alone.  So if you need a little help to lead the active lifestyle you desire, Maximol Solutions may be your answer. 

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