Maxx Mercedes ML A Bar installation

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ML W163 Stainless Steel A Bar

This A Bar is designed around the facelift ML which runs from approx. 2001 to 2005. This is the W163 model with the indicators in the door mirrors.

Installation guide

The A Bar will be delivered safely wrapped in foam and bubble wrap. Their will be a small cardboard box attached which hold the fitting kit. The fitting kit contains 2 powder coated bottom brackets, 2 galvenised upper brace bars, a selection of nuts, bolts and washers plus a detailed written installation guide and a detailed picture board. There are links to all installtion guides within our Ebay listings.

 It is recommended that most of the foam is left in place until the bar is actually on the car. Just remove along the rear of the center brace and a few inches at the base of each main leg.

Step 1. Remove the long thin plastic grille which runs along the top of the bumper. This will pull out with little effort. Locate the two factory fitted bolts behind the grille as shown on the picture board supplied. Remove the bolts and fit top brace bars in place again as shown.

Step 2. Re fit the plastic grille over the brace bars and clip firmly into place.

Step 3. Locate the bottom fixing points as shown in the picture board. There is a small factory fitted bolt located at each side within an indentation. Remove these bolts and fit the bottom brackets as pictured.

Step 4. With the help of a friend offer up the A Bar and attach using the parts supplied. Adjust for a good fit and fully tighten all bolts.

Total fitment takes approx. 45 mins and required just basic tools. Spanners, sockets and a small flat head screwdriver.

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