Maxx Mercedes Stainless Steel Side Step Installtion

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ML W163 Stainless Steel Side Steps

Installation Guiide

Open the main box and check the contents

There will be a pair of Stainless steel side steps  (One for each side of the vehicle) carefully wrapped in foam and a secondary pack containing 4 no. Powder coated brackets, a fitting pack containing nuts, bolts and washers plus a detailed picture board installation guide.

The picture board will show clearly the mounting points as detailed below.

Step 1. Locate the front bracket mounting points. Look under the vehicle at the front end and you will see a steel outrigger from the chassis to the inner sill. There are two large holes in this out rigger. These are the mounting holes for the front bracket.

Mount up the bracket using the parts supplied and hand tighten leaving some free play for later adjustment.

Step 2. Locate the rear mounting points. Look under the rear of the car and you will see a similar outrigger. There is a thin plastic under tray next to the mounting holes. This tray is best removed prior to fitting the brackets by removing the 5 small plastic bolts. The tray can be re fitted afterwards.

Mount up the rear brackets so that they sit between the outrigger and the plastic tray when re fitted.

Step 3. With the help of a friend offer up the side step and start off the front or rear mounting bolt. Then you will need to pull the other bracket towards the step and start off the remaining fixing bolt. Once started all bolts can be fully tightened and the bar adjusted as required.

Repeat for the other side

Total fitting time is approx. 1 hr and the tools required are sockets and spanners

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