Maxx Porsche Cayennes Stainless Steel Side Steps

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Maxx Porsche Cayennes Stainless Steel Side Steps

Installation Guide

All Maxx installation sheets are available from the links inside our main listings

Maxx side steps for the Porsche Cayenne are very easy to fit and the whole installation can be completed at home in under an hour.

Inside the main box there will be two Stainless Steel side steps wrapped in protective foam and a secondary box which contains the fitting kit and instructions.

Please leave the foam wrapping on the steps until they are attached to the vehicle as it will stop them getting scratched during the installation.

Step 1. Locate the front and rear bracket mounting points. They are clearly visible under the vehicle and can be identified as a large round steel plate, One will have a single round hole dead center and the other will have a single central hole with two smaller holes, one on each side. It is the central holes that are used.

Step 2. Insert the plate nuts supplied into the large hole and centralise using a pencil or screwdriver. Offer up the brackets and get the thread started by gently turning the bolts supplied. Once started hand tighten only as you may need some free play for adjustment later.

Step 3. Once you have the front and rear brackets in place the main side step can be offered up and bolted into place using the parts supplied.

Step 4. Adjust as required and fully tighten all bolts. There is no need to over tighten but please check all bolts after a couple of weeks.

Repeat for the other side.

Total installation time is approx. 1 hour and tools required are sockets, spanners and a pencil or small screwdriver

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