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My son has just turned 1, and I thought I needed a change of pushchair.
I moved to Sweden from the UK, and my Graco Mosaic stood out.
I have already had a Hauck, a Maclaren and a Graco Mosaic. The Hauck I found too bulky, the Maclaren fell apart and the Graco, well... he never liked that one.
As I moved abroad the streets are different here, and I needed something with air!
I have never liked the 3 wheelers, and was all against it, until I tried one out!
All I can say is WOW! my son loves it!
It has an adjustable handle, a fantastic hood (no more pushing little clips down, and no more "only 2 positions")
The shopping basket is a little on the small side, but has a built in mesh net which means you tighten it, and nothing will fall out! WOO HOO! finally!

The pushchair is so light, and it is so easy to push! I found with the Graco that if I was on my mobile, I couldn't push it as it would veer off!

I must admit though, it does not sit upright. I have pulled it in the highest position, and it still doesn't. But then again, the Graco and Maclaren didn't either! My son doesn't mind, he can sit up anyway.

I was going to upgrade to the Quinny comfort, which looked better, but when I saw the size of this one, I think I will stick to the Speedi as the comfort is even bigger!

It is also so easy to fold too! no more pushing your foot down and kicking the bar!

I have tried it on mud, on cobbles, on stones, sand.... It works everywhere, and finally.... my son can fall asleep! he just was not happy in his Graco, and he LOVES this one! go get one!
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