McDonalds Monopoly Game Cards (UPDATED 2009)

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Please be aware when purchasing that last elusive Monopoly Game Card from McDonald's. There are some unscrupulous eBayers (you know who you are) selling ordinary Monopoly cards, that I have seen going for ridiculous sums. These auctions generally come from eBayers with low feedback and will have no picture of the item, obviously!!

The cards that are LIMITED EDITION are as follows (UPDATED FOR THE 2009 GAME)

I have put the voucher required, then the prize, followed by the number of sets in THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

Mayfair - 500K CASH  (1)

Bond Street   - 300K findaproperty Voucher (2)

Coventry Street -  Mini Cooper Car  (8)

Strand   - £150 Virgin Holiday   (100)

Marlborough Street  -   £1000 Visa (150)

Northumberland Avenue - Nokia N-series phone (500)

Euston Road -  Kodak Digital Camera (1100)

Old Kent Road  - £100 Visa (1250)

Liverpool St Station - £50 N-power energy

Genuine eBayers will obviously include a photograph of their item, possibly with the item code obscured for security reasons, but you will be able to see what you are buying. Also a genuine eBayer will not make the auction private - ie obscure the bidders identities. There is no reason to do this unless you have something to hide.

It would be nice to get something out of McDonald's, but before you bid take a minute and think to yourself...

....Am I REALLY going to get what is basically a voucher for a BRAND NEW CAR for just a few pounds?

....What would I do if I had one of the last of the 40 cards in the WHOLE COUNTRY? 

Thanks for reading, and STAY SAFE!!

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