Me To You Unlawful Product ?

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We have all heard about the cheap importing of fake handbags, watches & clothing & it can sometimes be very difficult to tell the fake from the real item.

One golden rule to follow if it's cheap it probably is!.

Carte Blanche Greetings have printed a warning in the Progressive Greetings trade magazine to all retailers not to deal in unlawful goods & I quote an extract:-

"Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd will continue to take any and all legal action necessary against any individual or company found dealing in unauthorised 'Me To You' products."

Avid collectors will no doubt be aware of fake Tatty Teddies & will be very careful when adding to their collection, here are a few points to consider when buying especially on auction sites.

  1. Does the seller have a good range of the products available & probably a website with the full range.
  2. Are they registered on the site as business sellers, if they buy to sell they should be & keeping audited accounts & declaring turnover to Inland revenue.
  3. Check their terms & conditions & returns policy are they legal?
  4. Check their feedback.
  5. If they are selling items very cheap & probably below cost, ask yourself where are they sourcing their stock.

With these points in mind you should be okay if you have any doubts contact the seller with your concerns or steer clear of their products.

There are several good authorised sellers of collectables giving plenty of choice so go on spoil yourself or someone you care about.


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