Mechanical mods and battery safety..

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there's a lot of speculation around the safety of mechanical mods largely because of cheap faulty batteries or badly designed mods..
not to mention a lack of what I would call common sense..
these days its hard to find an unprotected battery and pretty much all the mods have ventilation holes to prevent any sort of pressure build up so the worse potential thing that could happen would be the mod getting very hot and the battery tripping out via the safety chip.
obviously with mech mods you are not restricted to using any specific ohms which means that the mod will fire absolutely anything and the lower the ohms the greater amp you drain from the battery
if you are vapinig at very low ohms like 0.05 then with a fully charged battery can deliver up to 110 + watts of power but this will be a big strain on a single 18650 battery and it will cause it to heat up.. at times when things get hot then COMMON SENSE says let things cool down a bit..
its not like the mod will explode like in most of the horror stories from a time when there was a lot of unsafe unprotected batteries ect but its not a good idea to keep vaping when things are hot.. common sense really.
in my opinion its totally safe to vape around the 0.13 to 0.20 ohm mark without causing to much heat, I think some people are under the belief that if they vape to low then they can potentially blow off a hand..
mech mods are totally safe so long as they have ventilation and you use a protected battery
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