Media Portal is FREE (Media Centre alternative)

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Thought I'd share this with anyone thinking about buying media portal on ebay.

One word... don't!  Media Portal is an open source program intended to be downloaded for free at

If you want to try the software go to the address above and go to their download section.  This is the official website of the owners of media portal, all the sellers advertising this software on ebay are trying to con you.  I fell for it a couple of days ago.  Not naming any names but I found media portal on ebay touted as "a cheap alternative to windows media centre"  so I clicked buy it now and sent payment.  I decided to have a look online for any useful guides and other information I could download about the program and instantly found the media portal website.  I had only paid £5 or so but was still angry about it on principle.  So I emailed the seller, they sent me a short reply saying they had advertised the software as "free open source" in the auction and that I was paying them to download it and burn it to cd for me (Why on earth would I pay someone to do something that I have to wait 3 days for when I can do it myself for free in 3 minutes?!???!!!).  I checked every fragment of text on their item and found nothing at all saying it was free.  So I emailed them again pointing this out along with a quote of the media portal copyright paragraph that flashes up on the first installation screen pointing out that it states quite clearly that it is violating the copyright to copy and distribute the free software for any kind of profit.  I received no more emails but did get a full refund.  If you or anyone you know has bought the software then email the seller and demand your money back.

If you are considering buying it then don't, go to to download it for free as it was intended.

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