Medicarn Power vibration Crazy Fit Massage Plate

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The power vibration machine is hitting the UK by storm. I can rave on about all the benifits of the vibration massage plate which i will go in to more detail later, Vibration training is fast becomming a common exercise with celebs setting the trend but before you read on i feel it is important to inform all that if you are looking for a portable handy exercise machine then this is not for you. However if you have the space and want what i can only describe as the nearest that you will get to a professional piece of Vibration massage exercsie equipment without going to the gym. The Medicarn vibration massage plate is robust and at the moment is selling very cheaply compared to high street prices for simlar machines were you would be looking at anything up to £8000 for some models, on ebay they are going for as little as £299 NOW that is what i call a bargin. This is ideal for toning and losing weight but with added benifits to other exercsie machines in that you do not have to put any effort in yourself, simply plug in stand on the plate and switch on and away you go. the machine does all the hard work while you do nothing other than get in position for the area you want to work on most. Just one point to make, this is a vibration machine so you will not be able to do much else fro instance drinking a cup of hot tea would not be a good idea. But hey what do you want this is an exercsie macine that does all the work for you just be lazy and and still tone up and lose weight.

the spec

1) Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design.
2) Extra large console with 3-LED displayer deliver feedback of time, speed and
body fat value
3) 3 build-in workout program, body fat scan
4) Wide range speed accommodate different workout desirous
5) Dual steel frame painted with fashionable colour
6) High quality motor deliver smooth workout and able to drive maximum user
weight of 150kg
7) Overload current protection, anti-jamming, and anti-static

Hope this review is of use to you all, i personally think this is the best piece of exercise equipment to hit the UK market in years.

At this time prices checked for the medicarn vibration power plate on 08/01/08 were as follows. web site £599 Amazon £499 ebay £299

Please note the above review is not making a reference to any other exact model of vibration machine when comparing to others and is only a reference as to what a vibration massage plate can cost eleswhere, i am sure you do not need me to mention models which cost your an arm and a leg to buy but would not want to get in trouble by mentioning any other make of vibration machine

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