Memory Foam

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It is a mattress jungle out there...We know because we are in the middle of it..Like all things in life you get what you pay for..We have 100% feedback because we deliver what we say on the tin..Mattresses vary hugely in quality and it is probably one of the hardest items to buy without trying...Buy a good name...Check the feedback and, if you can, visit the vendor and try the item out...We welcome all visitors...See the following to help you understnd exactly what memory foam is

WHAT IS MEMORY FOAM? Memory foam has become the household term used to describe the space age, visco-elastic, temperature sensitive, body moulding foam which has sprung up to huge popularity. Popular because it works!!! Although designed many years ago by NASA scientists the beds have brought millions of consumers worldwide a better nights sleep

HOW IS MEMORY FOAM PRODUCED? Memory foam is produced by inserting visco-elastic polymers into the liquid foam before it is moulded. The altered molecular structure gives the foam its body moulding, temperature sensitive characteristics.

ARE MEMORY FOAMS ALL THE SAME?..No...Not at all...Every manufacturer has a different quality standard and many have a low density of weight..Read why weight matters in the next section.

SO WHAT IS DENSITY? Density is a meaurement of the mass per cubic volume.It is measured and expressed in kilograms per cubic metre (Kg/m3). Density is largely the determining factor when judging the quality of foam mattresses. The Lower the density, the lower the quality thus reducing the life of the product...Some price cutting manufacturers "load" their product with chalk dust which give a false density reading but in reality weaken the products because they are not bonded to the foam...These foams are gritty and break down and flatten very quickly and buyers should be aware that they exist...None of our products are loaded or filled in any way...We only produce high density, top quality foam..See our feedbacks

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SLEEPING IN MEMORY FOAM?....Memory foam is hypoallergenic and temperture sensitive, Increasing its support as it warms and moulds to your body...Because it moulds to your body it is terrific for people who tend to toss and turn and for those sufferers with back,neck or shoulder problems. It offers muh more support than a conventional mattress....We do not claim memory foam will cure a bodily ailment but there is no doubt it will offer much relief........For further information or advice please call us 0870 8500839



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