Memory Foam Mattress

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I purchased this mattress through Ebay on Thursday 12/07/07, when it arrived vacuumed packed we removed the packaging and were shocked at two things, first of all the quality of the item which was not what we were expecting and secondly the overpowering chemical fumes.
We took the chance and put the mattress on the bed, later that evening we went upstairs to bed and were really concerned about the strength of the fumes. First of all the mattress was not comfortable and felt like you were lying on a piece of foam, the lining of my nose began to burn similar to just having used a Vicks inhaler, by 2am both my wife and myself had thumping headaches and a tightness in the lungs. At this point we moved to the spare room. When we awoke that morning the chemical smell was through the whole house.

Our local Trading Standards Officer came out and inspected the mattress and was so concerned about the chemical fumes he told us to return it.

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