Memory Foam Mattresses

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Be VERY CARFUL when buying a MEMORY foam mattress.  There is definitely 1 dodgy seller out there...and I now know of others.  My mattress was advertised as memory foam with a 12 year warranty.  I have subsequently found out it is not memory foam and the warranty is worthless. 

The mattress deteriorated very badly very quickly, so contacted seller for refund and/or warranty details.  Firstly they became abusive, then ignored messages altogether. 

DON'T BE FOOLED by positive feedback!...These scammers make a big deal about their positive ratings.  The reality is feedback is left fairly soon after delivery, it's only when you've had the mattress for a few months you start to realise there's a problem, and ebay doesn't cater for this type of follow up problem/feedback.

Before you buy check that it is a GENUINE WARRANTY...I was told to keep the packing label which I did but it was of absolutely no use as it had no contact details or claim info.  In fact, when I looked more closely it didn't even say it was memory foam (just foam) & the 12 year warranty could have said 'lifetime guarantee' for all the good it was. 

If anyone else has had similar experiences please inform ebay...if enough of us complain they just might do something.


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