Memory Foam Topper

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Memory Foam Topper: A Cost Effective Way to Increase the life of Your Traditional Mattress


Today, all over the world Memory Foam Mattresses are being widely preferred over traditional Mattresses as these are denser and more supportive than traditional or any other Mattresses available in the market. A Memory Foam Mattress is appreciated for both –its softness and firmness, and the combination, no doubt, offers great level of comfort to customers.

Memory Foam Mattresses are manufactured using quality raw material; the process undergoes several stages that make the products little expensive than the other similar offering. However, the durability and long life span of the Memory Foam justify its cost, and at the end of the day, you realize that your money is invested in the right place.

Memory Foam Topper

Memory Foam Topper is an effective way to make your traditional mattresses or any old mattresses durable and comfortable. Using a Topper, which is also called Pad, you can not only increase the life of your old and worn out mattress but also raise it to few inches in height, giving it a new look. Like the full Memory Foam Mattress, a Topper is also manufactured from the special chemicals and other raw material. It is an affordable alternative to full Memory Foam Mattress. The product is available under various brands including NASA Foam, Tempurpedic, Sensus, Sealy and others.


Memory Foam was developed in the year 1966 by NASA for the first time to absorb the extreme pressure of G-force from shuttle during take off; however, it was never used in the space programs. It is manufactured with polyurethane and some other chemicals, which are usually used in the manufacturing process to increase the viscosity and density of the finished product. Before being utilized for domestic sector in mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers or pads, Memory Foam found its applications in medical sectors for patients, who suffered with pressure sores or bed-bound. The firmness of the pad is measured in ILD, which stands for Indentation Load Deflection.

Why Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is appreciated for its density and viscosity that allows it to be synchronized with your body heat and thus, decrease the body pain. Since, it is pressure sensitive and firm enough to adjust you body movements, it offers soft sleeping environment to you. Further, the open-cell structure of the product also help you prevent pressure aching. 

Some of the characteristics that make Memory Foam a preferred choice are mentioned below:

Increased density that allows it to remain in its original shape all the night
Heat-retaining property allowing it to release warmness
Very soft …but hard and heavier enough to support the body
Available in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Do Density and Viscosity Matter?

Both Density and Viscosity are important elements that should be taken into consideration while purchasing a full Memory Foam Mattress and a Topper or Pad. These two elements simply determine the quality of your Mattresses and Toppers or Pads by increasing their durability and tensile strength, respectively. The denser your mattress is, the stronger it would be. Apart from durability, the density of the product also ensure the functionality of the mattresses or pads as higher memory density foams are tend to react to your body heat in more affectionate fashion. Their heat retaining quality further, offer great comfort to user and ensure maximum soothing sleeping environment. (Density equals to weight per cubic foot. The weight is measured in lb.)

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