Men's Aftershave Gift Set Buying Guide

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Men's Aftershave Gift Set Buying Guide

Buying gifts for him can be a bit tricky, but one safe option is purchasing a men's aftershave gift set, especially as a Valentine's Day gift. These sets contain several different components often mixed and matched in different ways. Many branded fragrances, such as Calvin Klein, LacosteHugo Boss and Gucci offer aftershave gift sets.


Types of Aftershaves

Strictly speaking, aftershaves only contain about one to three per cent of pure fragrance. Aftershave lotions, also sometimes known as splashes, are more watery and tend to contain more alcohol. This type suits men with more oily to normal skin, as the alcohol takes care of excess oil. It is, however, not a good choice for men with sensitive or dry skin. These skin types would instead benefit from an aftershave balm, which contains less alcohol and is more soothing as well as moisturising for the skin. Similarly, men with oily skin should avoid buying aftershave balm, as it can make their skin oilier.


Fragrances as Aftershave

While most aftershave gift sets contain aftershave lotions or balms, some sets instead contain other types of fragrances, rather than "aftershave". This is because some men prefer using these stronger fragrances as an aftershave instead of the mildly scented actual aftershave. Stronger alcohol-based fragrances can especially benefit men with oilier skin, as their skin can retain and release the fragrance for a longer period of time. With four to nine per cent fragrance, Eau de toilettes are the most common in aftershave gift sets. Eau de colognes contain three to five per cent, while the strongest, eau de parfums have nine to 15 per cent.


Scented Toiletries

Other items found in aftershave gift sets include shower gels, body washes and deodorant sticks. Complementary items, these usually have the same scent as the fragrance and aftershave in the set. Do not expect to find these items in all gift sets though, as some only contain aftershaves with stronger fragrances, or simply, multiple aftershaves or fragrances from the same brand.


Ready-made or Homemade?

Ready-made gift sets from a particular brand usually contain items that all have the same scent, though rarely some may put together aftershaves or eau de toilettes with different scents in one set. However, for some variety and a personalised touch, buyers can put together a custom gift set.

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