Mens Cologne Buying Guide

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Mens Cologne Buying Guide

To the best of historians' knowledge, men have worn cologne for at least 4,000 years. Today, men usually wear it for pleasure rather than for the necessity of covering up body odour. When buying a fragrance, consider the occasion, remember to test the cologne, and try to apply it properly.


Consider the Time of Day

When going shopping for a new fragrance, consider going at the time you plan on wearing it. The same cologne shouldn't be worn all day for all occasions. If you are the type of person to wear cologne daily, a scent suited for work or school may not be best for dates or going to a bar. Go shopping at a similar time to put yourself in the right frame of mind.


Test the Mens' Cologne

Always test a cologne before buying it. It is important to like the way you smell, and it is impossible to determine that when buying blind. Some expensive mens' cologne may be packaged, so ask the salesperson before opening it. Try not to make a decision based solely on a prestigious brand, price tag, or the salesperson's reaction. You may end up hating the scent, despite it being the latest from Gucci, Burberry or Armani.


Choose a Full bottle or Sample Bottle

After shopping around and trying a few scents, try finding sample bottles online. A full sized bottle of cologne is often expensive. After a week, you may find you don't like a certain scent anymore. Mens fragrance samples are smaller, more affordable, and less painful to throw away if the scent no longer appeals to you. Fortunately, mens' cologne is applied in such small quantities that even a sample bottle should last a while.


Where to Apply Mens' Cologne

Applying cologne isn't as simple as spraying it on yourself and moving on. For cologne to give the full effect, it needs to receive body heat. Of course, spraying cologne onto your clothes isn't sufficient for this to happen. The most common points to apply cologne are the wrists, neck, or on the insides of your elbows if they are exposed. All of these locations are near major veins that provide plenty of heat for your cologne.


Mens' Cologne Strength

Cologne strength is an important factor. Most people have encountered someone who wears their cologne too strongly. This is often accidental because mens' colognes have varying strengths. A strong cologne isn't worse than a mild cologne, but those used to a mild cologne might apply it too generously. This causes an overbearing scent that can encourage your friends to take the stairs rather than enter a lift with you. Experiment with how much cologne you apply before wearing it for an important event.

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