Men's Formal Shirts. Sartorial Elegance

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What to look for in Men's Formal Shirts

Ladies & Gentlemen......There are shirts and there are dress shirts

Although hard and fast rules are rarely adhered to religiously by the modern man of style, certain guidelines –especially when it comes to occasion and fit– are at the very least worthy of attention.

It's the first thing you put on and your last line of defence. When you button it up in the morning, you should feel confident, in control

A dress shirt is not any old shirt—there are a lot of details to get right, from the collar to the cuffs

Although many modern shirts are now sized small, medium, large, etc. it is certainly good practice to know your measurements. The neck measurement is particularly important when purchasing more formal shirts, where one finger should fit comfortably between the collar and neck.

Often only provided with high end and custom shirts, this is perhaps not the obvious choice for the limited budget, especially when coupled with the necessity of cuff-links. It is worth, however, having at least one such shirt in the locker, as nothing pairs more perfectly with a beautifully tailored suit and silk tie.

The Collar & Cuffs

Often overlooked, the shirt cuffs (along with collar) are one of the few features visible when coupled with a suit jacket. An effective choice demonstrates a keen eye for detail and completes a polished and perfectly proportioned appearance.

The collar is one of the formal shirt’s more prominent features and is an aspect not to be overlooked. As well as indicating the formality of the shirt, the collar’s almost eye-level position together with a neck tie is difficult to miss and can therefore easily make or break an otherwise carefully curated ensemble. A neck tie has no functional use. It is purely decorative,however looks sloppy when not “tied” properly. Bruce Forsyth a television entertainer epitomises Sartorial Elegance.

All that said, buying the right dress shirt isn't quantum physics, you get what you pay for

So take action—get measured
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