Mens Golf Clothes Buying Guide

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Choosing clothing for mens’ golf is a question of personal tastes, budget, style and requirements for flexibility when playing on the course. The type of clothes chosen may also be seasonal and weather dependant; to ensure for a comfortable game in different seasons, the golfing wardrobe varies from month to month as weather conditions    change. All items for mens’ golf clothing can be easily found and purchased on eBay.

Golf Clothing History

The modern game of golf originated from Scotland. The first written recorded evidence of the game is by James II banning the pursuit back in 1457. St Andrews in Scotland is the spiritual home of golf, and The Old Course in St Andrews is a site of pilgrimage to the game. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews remain as the governing body of the rules of golf in the UK.

Scottish shepherds invented the game and were the earliest golfers. Early attire is likely to have included animal pelts and skins for warmth on the Scottish hills. In later years, when the game became popular among the nobility and aristocracy the apparel worn changed to reflect the popular fashion among the upper classes.

Early golf players wore warm clothing sufficient to protect them from the Scottish elements and wild weather. Fierce winds would blow water from the coast at St Andrews so golfers needed to protect themselves from the harsh and cold conditions.

Men wore knickerbockers, short pants that ended below the knee, with heavy tweed jackets. They also wore shirts with starched collars and cravats, with sturdy shoes and tweed caps.

At the turn of the century a well-dressed golfer would wear a single-breasted jacket with waistcoat and knickerbockers. In the 1920s the distinguished classes made their own mark on the golfing style by creating formal outfits that featured “plus fours” ; knickers with 4 inches of additional length were worn with long patterned golf socks and two-tone “spectator” shoes. Flannel trousers replaced the plus fours look in the 1930’s and were often white or grey in colour as men would often play the golf course straight from the office.

By the 1940s golf clothing began to look more like the outfits worn on the course today. Short-sleeved, knitted shirts with lightweight “slacks” were common golfing attire, along with brimmed hats and shoes with spiked soles.

Modern golfers wear clothing that enables them to play the game with enough flexibility and movement clothing whilst staying at a suitable temperature to enjoy the game.

Traditional golf clothing which has it’s roots in the 20’s and 30’s and noble classes can often be viewed as old fashioned by younger participants of the sport, but the range of goods available in the marketplace caters for all ages, tastes and styles.

Men’s Golf Jumpers

Men’s golf jumpers are designed to allow the golfer to swing their clubs easily whilst staying warm. Men’s golf jumpers come in a range of designs and styles and many varieties are easily found and bought on eBay.

Seamless V-neck Golf Vests

Seamless golf vests are ideal for spring and autumn months as the temperatures are changeable.

Zipped Golf Jumpers

Zipped jumpers have a central zip down the front of the jumper and can be easily removed on the golf course.

Long Sleeved Jumpers

Long sleeved jumpers are perfect for colder months when a layer of warmth is needed at all time.

Materials of Men’s Golf Jumpers

All the varieties of men’s golf jumpers are easily available on eBay. They are found in a range of fabrics such as:

  • Lambswool
  • Cotton and cotton mixes
  • Synthetic fleece
  • Combination of polyester fabric and merino wool
  • Lambswool and wool combination sweaters are often part of golfing attire due to the properties of the wool itself. Wool clothing does not cling to the skin, allows air to circulate and is very comfortable to wear. Wool has many benefits, but can be trickier to look after as the fibres need more care and attention when washing.
  • Fleece jumpers are made from contemporary synthetic fabrics and have a more modern style. Synthetic fabrics are easier to care for than wool.

Argyle Golf Jumpers

Argyle jumpers are often associated with golf. The Argyle pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges, and is derived from the tartan of the Campbell Clan of Argyll in Scotland, the home of golf. Argyle knitwear became fashionable in the UK and the USA after the first world war when Pringle of Scotland made the design iconic within fashionable society. The look was favoured by the Duke of Windsor who wore Argyle patterned jumpers and long socks. The association of the Argyle jumper and golf have remained in place ever since.

Men’s Golf Trousers

Golf trousers are available to buy in a wide range of styles, designs and colours and all can be found on eBay.

Classic Golf Trousers

Classic golf trousers are available which are made in tartan designs as part of the Scottish heritage of golf. The more muted chino or khaki slacks as worn by the upper classes are always a popular golfing style choice.

Wind and Rain Proof Trousers

Wind and rain proof trousers and also now available in contemporary designs by popular global sports brands. These are made from fabrics which are specially designed to deflect rain and retain heat.

It can be useful to consider buying trousers with several pockets to carry golf course essentials such as a scoring pad and pencils. Whether muted and classic, loud and bright or modern and functional, there are many types of golf trousers available to suit a variety of tastes and can all be found on eBay.

Polo Shirts

“Polo” style shirts are a very popular garment for golfers and have been a staple part of the golfing wardrobe for many years.

  • A polo shirt is also known as a “golf shirt” or “tennis shirt”
  • Polo shirts are T-shaped with a collar and placket with two or three buttons.
  • Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth such as piqué cotton or sometimes merino wool, silk, or synthetic polyester.
  • A golf shirt usually has a pocket included in the design to keep the score pad and pencil easily.
  • The design of the polo shirt is ideal for sports such as golf and was adopted to the golfing uniform from the 1930s as the easy wearing style allowed for comfort and ease of play.
Golf shirts can be easily layered with a v-neck gold pullover, cardigan or jumper.


Choosing the right socks to play golf is an essential part of the golfing wardrobe. Ensuring comfort when walking the length and breadth of the golf course is a large consideration. There are many socks available to buy to play golf, and come in a range of materials. Many thousands of golf sock varieties are easily found on eBay.

Some golfing specialist manufacturers produce socks specifically for golf in cotton and wool blends to wick moisture and sweat away from the feet and to give a soft cushioning to walk on.

Double Lined Socks

Double lined socks help to prevent chafing and blisters.

Argyle Socks

Argyle designed socks remain a popular golfing choice to due their heritage with Scotland historical fashion, and can be found in soft wool and cotton blends or synthetic fabrics.

Specialist Fabrics

Many sports brands now also produce socks with specialist fabric additions to help keep feet fresh and minimise blisters.


Jackets are available in a wide range of style for golfers. Some men may prefer the classic look of a tweed jacket, or for practical reasons and ease of use modern jackets made from windproof, waterproof fabrics are popular and readily available.

As with mens’ golf jumpers, the design of a golf jacket allows for the golfer to swing the club in comfort.

Classic or Modern

Classic Golf Clothes

  • Classic golf jumpers such as the Argyle knit style and lambswool fabrics have a longstanding association with golfing, and it’s origins in St Andrews.
  • The natural fibres in a woollen jumper or jacket are natural insulators, and keep the golf player cool in warm weather and warm in colder climes.
  • Natural wool requires specific care to avoid damaging the fabrics, as the wool can felt or shrink if due care is not taken.
  • A woollen garment will last for a long time if properly cared for, and feels luxurious and comfortable.
  • Woollen items come in a range of styles and colours, from bright Argyle style knits to plainer and more muted tones.


  • Modern golfing clothes made by popular mainstream sports brands use a fabric technology designed to “wick” excess moisture away from the skin keeping the player comfortable, warm and dry.
  • Synthetic fabrics designed by leading sports manufacturers use specially designed substances to keep the garments fresh smelling for as long as possible, and allow the fabric to breathe.
  • In general, choosing a golf garment with the latest fabric technologies will allow for easier washing.
  • A woollen jumper requires hand washing or very careful machine washing with specific detergents, but a synthetic fabric is less delicate and may prove easier for a busy lifestyle.

The choice between classic and contemporary will depend on preference for the classic golfing look, and careful maintenance versus easier maintenance.

Style and Function

Golf clothing has become more stylish and functional in recent years, and golfers enjoy wearing plaids and bold colours on the course. Golf clothes can be stylish while providing the roomy fit that allows for an efficient golf swing. Recent technological advances in fabric construction allow moisture-wicking materials to keep dry while filtering air to cool the body. Before investing in items for a golf wardrobe, check the dress code of particular golf clubs for any guidelines about the length of trousers and if there are rules about being allowed to go sleeveless.

Choice of Size

Different brands and manufacturers will have slightly differing sizing of their garments.
Be careful to read any reviews on the particular brand with guidance to sizing.
Golf clothes need to fit easily to be able to swing the club on the course, so be mindful of sizing when searching for golf clothes.
When buying on eBay, ask the seller of an item for more information on the measurements and size of the garment.

How to buy Men’s Golf Clothes on eBay

eBay offers many varieties of men’s golf clothes in a wide range of designs and sizes from classic to modern, and synthetic to natural materials. The eBay marketplace has many sellers with competitive pricing and diverse range of products, which are complemented by the flexible payment options available by buying on eBay.To search for men’s golf clothes, navigate from the home page to the Sports and Leisure section. From there, select the Sporting Goods category, and navigate to the Golf section.

Alternatively, type in specific searches directly into the search feature on any page of eBay. Searches such as “Mens Golf clothes”, or more specific terms such as “Golf trousers” .

It is also easy to search for brand specific listings, and refine a search by size or style.

When searching through listings, and feel free to ask the Seller any questions. Look over the photographs to be clear on the condition of the item. When ready to buy, either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down a Best Offer.Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.


Men’s golf clothes are easily available on eBay. The men’s’ golfing wardrobe consists of a number of clothing garments in a variety of design, fabrics and purposes which will relate to personal tastes and particular budget and requirements. Whichever garment required there are many available to buy on eBay simply and easily.

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