Mens Moccasin Buying Guide

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Men's Moccasin Buying Guide

Moccasins have a long history dating back to the mid 1940’s when Native Americans hand-stitched tough rawhide together with animal tendons.  Traditionally designed to protect bare feet from the harsh outdoor elements with soft bottomed soles, they allowed hunters to stalk their prey relatively unnoticed. Adorned with ornate beading and fringing, each moccasin was unique. It was not until after World War II, that the humble moccasin started to gain popularity. Fast forward 60 years and moccasins, though slightly updated, are still a footwear favourite for both young and old.

Men's moccasins can be found at almost any footwear store; however, one will not find anything like the diverse range available online from eBay. It does not matter whether one has small or big feet, whether one intends to use them as indoor shoes or simply comfortable footwear for the office. The selection of moccasins on eBay is diverse. This buying guide will enable even the most indecisive buyer to make an excellent purchase choice.

Shopping for the Proper Size

Most moccasins available these days come in standard shoe sizes, but if no sizing is provided, it necessitates taking one’s foot measurements, both length and width at the widest part with a tape measure. Leather tends to stretch over a period of time so when purchasing moccasins, buyers should not simply estimate their own size, but instead, use their exact measurements. If not, they may end up selecting a size which is slightly too large. Meaning, after some time, their beloved moccasins will be swimming on their feet and when this happens, it is usually accompanied by a great deal of pain and discomfort.

To find the perfect size, one should aim for approximately 2 centimetres smaller than the width and 2 centimetres longer than the length of the foot. This will provide tight fitting moccasins, which will give good support and eventually mould to fit the buyer’s feet perfectly when wearing them in.

Men's Moccasin Style Options

Moccasins are renowned for their incredible comfort and the ease with which one is able to slip their feet straight in and out of the shoe, rather than wrestle with fancy buckles or shoe laces. In fact, this style of shoe is the perfect design if one is somehow physically challenged and perhaps struggling to reach one’s feet. The moccasin can be worn casually around the home like a slipper and is versatile enough to dress up a pair of trousers for a night on the town. Moccasins are also one of the most comfortable shoes to drive in. There are a variety of styles available when selecting moccasins. The first thing to decide is where one is planning on wearing them. Will the buyer simply be wearing them in place of slippers when indoors, or wanting a pair of versatile moccasins to slip on when whiling away the hours in the garden? Perhaps the purchaser intends to be on his feet all day in the office, needing shoes that are comfortable and simultaneously look stylish? Still, it is not simply about selecting the right sized moccasins. One also needs to take different styles into consideration.

Soft Sole Moccasins

Touted as being the most comfortable alternative to being barefoot, the soft sole casual style moccasin is ideal for wearing in and around the house. Typically lined with sheepskin, these moccasins will keep feet toasty warm without causing them to feel hot and sweaty. While soft sole moccasins can certainly be worn outdoors, it will shorten their lifespan.

Double Bottom Soft Sole Moccasins

Unrivalled flexibility and durability, the double bottom soft sole men’s moccasins give added comfort, and last twice as long as normal, soft sole moccasins.

Crepe Sole Moccasins

Usually made from rubber, the crepe sole provides extra comfort, added durability, and the sole’s wrinkled crepe texture provides more traction on the pavement during wet weather.

Boat Sole Moccasins

Generally a white sole which is designed to be non-marking, the boat sole was originally designed for use on a boat deck to avoid scuffing or marring. These soles also provide traction in wet weather.

Boot Style Moccasins

Boot style moccasins steer away from the traditional design of the traditional men’s moccasin with the introduction of laces. They boast a suede upper, thick rubber soles and come in a delightful range of colours. They are also lined for extra warmth and provide ankle support.

Occasions to Wear Moccasins

There is a tendency for moccassins to be thought of as a type of footwear to wear around the house as an alternative to slippers or "house shoes". However, with the range and variety of moccasins available, one can wear them just about anywhere.


Given their flexibility and unsurpassed comfort, moccasins are ideal for long drives. Wearing them is the next best thing to being barefoot and a much safer alternative to flip-flops.

Around the Home

With soft soles and sheepskin liners, moccasins are a comfortable and easy alternative to slip on. They will not wear out like socks and will keep the buyer’s feet warm and toasty all winter. Once moccasins have been worn a few times, the shoes tend to mould to one’s feet, making it easy to forget one is wearing them at all.


One can buy moccasins that also look professional and dressy. For example, moccasins are the perfect footwear if one is a real estate agent and constantly having to remove shoes when showing homes without the need to struggle with laces or buckles. In fact, with any career that involves removing one’s shoes, it is difficult to bypass a pair of moccasins. Alternately, one can also purchase moccasin boots, perhaps a more ideal option if needing shoes for a work site, entailing both comfort and a more heavy duty sole.

Caring for One’s Moccasins

Moccasins are extremely durable and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Spraying moccasins with a special leather protector can offer a shield against rain and stains. In a worst case scenario, extremely dirty moccasins can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. It is wise, however, to avoid placing them in a clothes dryer. The most sensible way to dry moccassins is to stuff them with newspaper and find a spot where they can dry over a day or two. Tiny marks can be spot cleaned with some water and a little mild detergent.
With soft sole moccasins, it is best to avoid ploughing through long wet grass or jumping through rain puddles. While they certainly can be worn outside, it will considerably shorten their lifespan.

Finding Moccasins on eBay

There is an extensive range of moccasins on eBay, available in a dynamic range of colours, leather, and soles. Head to eBay’s home page to begin searching for your perfect pair of moccasins. If you know exactly what type of men's moccasins you would like to buy, select a few well-chosen descriptive keywords and enter them into the search bar at the top of page. For example, if you want to purchase moccasins with a sheepskin lining, you can type "men’s sheepskin moccasins" into the search bar. Or if you have absolutely no idea what type of moccasins you want, you can simply enter "men’s moccasins" allowing you to browse the entire range at your leisure.

Before agreeing to any purchase, it pays to check with the seller if they would happily issue an exchange or refund your money if the moccasins are the incorrect fit. Full details of refund or exchange policies are usually listed with the item. If you are in doubt, contact the seller directly via the contact link on their eBay profile.


One’s feet are important assets, hence it pays to take good care of them and this involves purchasing correctly-fitting shoes and slippers. Leather tends to stretch over time, so making sure to use one’s correct foot size is imperative. Allowing for a little extra room if purchasing moccasins with a sheepskin lining should also be kept in mind, as well as the type of moccasin sole one requires, a fundamental point in one’s purchasing decision. Soft sole moccasins wear out faster than boat or crepe soles, especially if one insists on wearing them outdoors in the rain or on wet pavements and grass.

A man in search of comfortable footwear need look no further than a pair of moccasins. The simplicity of the shoe’s design spans generations and it continues to be a highly sought after style of shoe. Offering undeniable comfort if cared for properly, moccasins will be the best life-long friends one’s feet will ever have. In fact, buyers love them so much, they, more often than not, invest in more than one pair - a pair for wearing inside and around the house, a pair for casual outings and a pair for more formal attire. What better place to start looking than eBay, where purchasers will find the largest online range of moccasins at prices for every budget, in a range of styles and colours to suit all needs.

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