Men's Shaver Kit Buying Guide

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Men's Shaver Kit Buying Guide

Shaving is a key part of most men's daily routines, and over time shaving kits have grown from the overbearing to the invaluable. Manual razors are built for detail, but can be risky in terms of cuts and nicks. They provide the closest possible shave for men looking for a fresh-faced look. Electric shavers on the other hand are considered the most convenient. Trimming facial hair continues to emerge as a trend and electric shavers play a pivotal part in its popularity.

When it comes to shaving every man has their own preference, but most will agree that men's shaver kits are a fine investment. These kits are put together in order to take the hassle out of shopping for the perfect shaving setup. This guide will help shoppers find the perfect men's shaver kit on eBay, which will take their shaving experience to the next level.

Types of Shavers

The type of shave a user is after will dictate the type of shaver that is required. The shaver is the core part of any men's shaver kit and there is a wide variety to choose from in today's market.


Manual razors are designed to provide the closest possible shave to the skin; it is this that makes them perfect for those looking for a clean-cut look. The heads are interchangeable, but don't have a particularly long shelf life. Using a worn down head presents the risk of cuts to the user. Even though they are affordable, factoring in future head purchases can turn a manual razor into an expensive investment.


Shavers that are electric come in rechargeable form; although battery powered units still crop up on eBay from time to time. The rechargeable format means that they can be used on the move and don't require shaving foam or water like a manual razor. They're great for those looking to create a stubble look or have sensitive skin. Electric shavers can be used in either wet or dry conditions, but find out what the manufacturer recommends before use.


Rotary shavers are constructed using two or three rotating heads that are designed to provide the closest possible shave. The rotating heads are at their best when it comes to neck hairs. Simply put, they offer flexibility that other forms of shavers don't. Rotary shavers hug the face and come equipped with a trimmer for sideburns and longer hairs. Considered to be the most expensive form of shaver currently available.


Foil shavers work upon roller technology. They feature high-speed razor blades that are positioned behind a rotating cylinder. The downside of foil shavers is that they carry a small surface area. This means that a longer amount of time is required in order to complete a full shave. Manufacturers often design such models for use on younger and sensitive skin.

Modern trends include not only removing hair, but also styling and trimming. In the world of men's grooming eBay has become a trusted shopping outlet, so when it comes to shaver kits, it should be a man's first port of call.

Skin Care

Even though men's shaver kits place the core focus on the shaver itself it isn't all that they feature. As most men know, the right shaver is just a single part of the shaving dilemma. There are many more elements that make sure users obtain the shave that they're after in a pain free fashion.

* Pre-shave Oil - this softens the facial hair while helping prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

* Shaving Cream - they come in different forms with each geared towards a specific skin type.

* Shaving Brush - made out of synthetic or genuine badger hair, it helps remove excess hair and shaving cream.

* Sharpening Stone - only for use with custom shaving blades, they keep blades sharp and ready for use.

* Instruction Manual - electric models come with a manual that should be read prior to use, this will advise users on how to get the best possible shave.

* Aftershave Balm - post-shave skin care is just as important as pre-shave skin care. Using the correct balm or lotion will soothe the skin and help repair any burnt or damaged areas.

The correct men's shaver kit will come with a wide variety of supplies in order to help deliver the best shave. Users are no longer limited to a straight shave with an electric shaver or the old-fashioned foam and manual razor combination. Shaving with the proper implements will make it a pain free and luxurious process that leaves the skin feeling great.

Men's Grooming Brands

The world of male grooming has become a multi-million pound industry with a global presence. This means that there are a variety of brands to choose from when shopping for a men's shaver kit. Those most associated with the field of men's grooming include:

* The Art of Shaving

* King of Shaves

* Aramis

* Conair

* Burt's Bees

* Aramis

* Remington

* Noreleo

* Ralph Lauren

* Zirh

The broad range of brands available all offer something different to potential customers. They all have different target markets in terms of price so there are offerings on eBay to suit all budgets. Shoppers are advised to research brands and ranges before purchase in order to make sure that they buy the appropriate men's shaver kit.

Buying Used

When shopping on online auction sites such as eBay, buying used products is a viable option. However buying used presents several risk factors, including poor hygienic condition. When buying a used shaver kit ask sellers the following questions in order to ensure that you are buying a shaver kit of the best quality.

* Are any implements missing from the shaver kit? If so, what are they?

* How often has the shaver been used?

* How often has the shaver been charged?

* Is it still under warranty?

* Does it come boxed?

The above will help you gain a grasp of what condition the men's shaver kit is in. No matter the condition of a used shaver, it should be put through a rigorous cleaning process prior to use. Using a toothbrush and scrubbing bubble will help clean the blades of any hair and excess dirt. Following this, soak the detached shaver attachments in either alcohol or barbicide, as this will kill off any germs and help prepare the blades for use.

Buying New

Buying a new men's shaver kit from eBay doesn't present the same amount of issues as used units do. However they are not a fullproof purchase and still require shoppers to use a keen eye and ask sellers questions, such as:

* Does the shaver kit come with manufacturer's warranty?

* How many attachments come with the shaver?

* Is a shaver stand included?

When shopping for a new shaver kit the quality of shaver is rarely in question, but it is of benefit to know what extras you are getting. In the auction environment it is all about getting the most for your money.

How to Buy a Men's Shaver Kit on eBay

Men's grooming is not a new field nor is it the most creative, however in the realm of men's styling it is arguably the most important. With such a large variety of kits available it's easy for shoppers to be baffled by what is on offer. Shoppers need look no further than this guide to help them find exactly what they are after by following these simple steps:

In order to browse men's shaving kits, just log on to eBay's homepage and select the health and beauty category. From there click hair removal then shaving and grooming kits. This will display all live auctions and allow shoppers to openly browse. If shoppers have a specific brand in mind they can use the advanced search options to narrow down their results.

eBay Shops

With the men's grooming market growing, private stores have taken to the eBay shops format in order to sell their goods. You'll be sure to find brand specific stores and plenty of bargains. To find an eBay shop of interest click the eBay shops link at the bottom of the homepage and start exploring.

Completing a Transaction

When a customer has found a shaver kit that they wish to purchase they will need to do one of the following:

o Place a Bid

o Make a Best Offer

o Buy it Now

Once an auction has concluded the winning bidder will need to complete the checkout process. Doing this via PayPal will mean that the buyer protection programme covers the transaction.


There is no better feeling after a close shave, as it leaves the skin fresh and vibrant. It is a key part of a man's daily routine and can be important in presenting the right look in both social and professional environments. A clean shave or articulate trim can give you the edge when it comes to a business meeting or a night out on the town.

Men around the world understand that it's time to get serious about grooming and how important shaving correctly is. Electric shavers come with all that is required for a smooth shave. Say no to flimsy and unreliable disposable shavers; use eBay along with this guide to find the right men's shaver kit for you.

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