Mens Vintage 1970's Fashions.Bid carefully!

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As an avid fan of 70's Mens Fashions,I feel I'd like to offer some simple advice when purchasing such clothing.

I've been purchasing garments from this era for at least the last 17 years and i'm a little concerned how much some of you out there are being taken advantage of.

Sure enough,The larger garments eg L,XL on shirts etc and trouser that are 36"+ on the waist are the most difficult to find as slim fitting styles were the most popular during the 70's.So expect to pay a premium on these sizes.

My biggest concerns are suits.There are loads to be found on here and in the charity shops as many were bought for best and rarely worn,So to see non-designer "Skinny-Fit" suits making upwards of £100 is plain silly.

Terrylene is the cheapest of the fabrics from the 70's.Handy when blended with wool as it makes them more crease resistant and makes them more lightweight for the wearer.

I would value these at no more than £30 as they are very common indeed.

Wool suits,Although look great can rot if not stored carefully.These were the most expensive of fabrics and look great on and have a "feel good" factor second to none.

Moss Bros were expensive back then and a looked after suit will keep its looks and colour for many years.

Terrylene can pull (a bit like nylon) and can generate a fair bit of static when worn so are really,At best suitable for a wedding or one off occasion.

Hope my guide gives you a small insight into the wonderfull world of 70's fashion.

The only thing that is really rare is mens "Platforms".Wether they are shoes or boots,Good ones are now getting increasingly rare as many were worn out as shoes for men were less disposable then.

Bid carefully.


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