Men's Vintage Coat Buying Guide

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Men's Vintage Coat Buying Guide

Some styles are simply timeless, especially when it comes to vintage coats. Bring back another era with a classic men's vintage style, whether it is a casual bomber jacket or a more upscale vintage tweed coat. Modernise any wardrobe by mixing vintage pieces with new ones to create a signature look. Purchase men's vintage coats on eBay and use the past as style inspiration for the present.


Bomber Jackets

Military pilots popularised bomber jackets, also called flight jackets. The durable leather jackets kept aviators warm with inner sheepskin linings, and had a stylish look with high collars for added protection, wind flaps and cuffs, and front pockets. Since the jackets caught on with the general population, styles vary from more lightweight nylon designs to the classic silk-lined and fur collar bomber jackets of the past. Find vintage bomber jackets from the 70s with plaid linings, or sports-style woollen or canvas bombers. Even some windbreakers from the 90s have a bomber feel to them.



Men's vintage parkas cover a wide range of looks, from an olive green 40s parka with fur lining, to an oversized hiking jacket from the 80s. Some vintage parka brands include Patagonia, Woolrich, and John Partridge, which makes vintage waterproof wax jackets for inclement weather. Keep warm with a 1970s snorkel parka with retro orange lining and a faux fur hood, or opt for a stylish look with a retro leather biker jacket that doubles as a cosy parka. There are many styles available from various eras, including the denim parkas of the 80s.


Tweed Coats

Pair a sophisticated vintage tweed coat with trousers to keep you warm and chic at the same time. Tweed coats offer timeless tweed print jackets created with classic, cosy wool fabric. Most tweed coats are button up and have front pockets. The coats vary in length, from traditional jacket length to vintage Dunn & Co., coats that are longer than average. Tweed coats from the 50s offer houndstooth designs, and double-breasted tweed coats come complete with matching belts. A 1980s Hollington tweed coat offers a loose fit, while a country tweed coat has a fur-lined collar.


Trench Coats

The look of the trench coat is always in fashion, and trench coats have been part of men's wardrobes for decades. Check into a vintage 80s Burberry trench coat with the famous plaid lining, or opt for a sleek Gant trench coat. A 1960s Aqualite trench is a double-breasted beauty, and Dunn & Co. brings its signature style to green 70s trenches. Navy pea coat trenches and 1970s Pembroke trenches are just a few appealing options.


Vintage Military Coats

Vintage military coats are quite popular and come in a few basic styles, including field jackets, heavyweight parkas, and quilted combat jackets. Colours include olive green, camouflage print, navy, and black. Some have fur collars and some are double breasted. Based on the time era, the style varies.

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