Metropolitain City Football Ticket Buying Guide

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Metropolitain City Football Ticket Buying Guide

The United Kingdom's national sport is football, so it is not surprising that many of the top metropoltain areas in the UK, maintain various football stadiums. Buying football tickets when visiting a metropolitain city can be an excellent way to spend some quality time with family or friends, while taking in an action packed sporting event at the same time. The UK is home to the world's oldest football association as well as many other leagues, clubs, and teams. Many top UK athletes are footballers so ticket prices may fluctuate when popular players or clubs are scheduled. Buying football tickets is easy and straightforward once the shopper has narrowed down their focus on a few key factors.

The shopper should first consider the city where the football match is set to take place. Secondly, shoppers should ensure that date that the match is scheduled for is practical for them. Next, buyers must always analyse the cost of the ticket, especially those who are seemingly very budget conscious. Finally, buyers may also want to consider which teams and players are to be involved in the match. This allows them the opportunity to see favourite individual players, or highly competitive matches.

Metropolitain Cities That Host Football Stadiums in the UK

The UK has a number of metropolitain cities that host football stadiums. Wembley stadium, located in London, is home to the English national football team. London is home to many football stadiums and most of the British Premiere League teams are also located there as well. Many other football stadiums exist in the many metropolitain cities around the UK, but London remains the main hub for competitive football. Taking in a match during a trip is a nice way to change up the pace of a typical metroplitain city trip.

Football Teams in the United Kingdom

When buying football tickets, the football teams involved in the match may be of great interest. In addition, the football teams that are competing can dictate the price of the tickets. While many football teams exist through the UK, a few teams are especially noteworthy.

Having a quick reference chart to help one remember the many different team locations and names is often a helpful tool. The chart below shows popular teams their home locations.

Football Club


Manchester United


Liverpool F.C.




Aston Villa F.C.




Either because of their individual star players, storied history, or recent success, a few teams have a much broader appeal than most. Most of these times reside in metroplitain cities making them accessible for all to see. International fans may travel via air to come see a match while domestic fans may favour bus, automobile, or other ground transportation.

Manchester United

Manchester United is a team that is based out of Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, and they are members of the Premier League. Manchester United is the most popular football team in all of the UK and consistently draws the largest crowds. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan if you hope to see Manchester United play, as tickets may be costly and often quite difficult to get. It is an extraordinarily successful football club and has won many trophies and tournaments both domestic and international.

Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool F.C. is another English Premiere league member based in Liverpool, England. Liverpool has a rivalry with Manchester United, and matches between the two are some of the most highly sought after tickets. Liverpool has also been very successful as a football club having had their fair share of excellent players. Liverpool is one of the original UK soccer clubs and play on a field, or pitch, that was constructed in 1884. Liverpool F.C. often wear red jerseys when they take the pitch.


Arsenal football club is a team that is also based out of London. They too play in the English Premiere league and have enjoyed great success there. Arsenal fans are some of the most loyal and devoted in the game, often referring to themselves as "Gooners", making their tickets quite difficult to come by. Arsenal is also a popular team internationally based on their supporter statistics. Arsenal is also unique in the sense that it has a female counterpart, arsenal ladies. The arsenal ladies have also been quite successful and could be a unique experience for those looking for a different type of football match.

Aston Villa Football Club

Aston Villa football club is based out Witton, Birmingham. Aston Villa football club plays at Villa Park, which is a massive structure seating roughly 51,000 people. Also impressive, is that Aston Villa Football Club has continued to play in its original stadium since 1897. Aston Villa also has been known to donate the space on the front of their jerseys typically reserved for high paying sponsors to charitable causes. They may be a good team to support for individuals who hope to be philanthropic.


Chelsea is another successful, London based English premiere league team. Chelsea is also one of the most popular teams drawing huge crowds from in and around London. Chelsea have only ever played at Stamford Bridge, their stadium, and have been playing there since 1877. It is one of the oldest teams around and thus has many rivalries with other clubs that reside in and around the UK. Tickets to Chelsea football matches are usually in high demand, therefore interested buyers should begin searching for tickets as soon as possible.

Top Footballers

Almost as important as the teams they plan on are the superstar players. Some footballers are among the most successful athletes in the world and individually have a massive appeal and draw many fans to the stadium. Many of the top footballers are based in London to ensure the highest level of competition and the greatest accessibility to financial opportunities. Top footballers may be found on teams with both winning and losing records.

Wayne Rooney

As a member of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has been incredibly successful. In addition to playing the position of forward for Manchester United, Rooney was also a member of the English national team. Rooney was the youngest player to ever play for the English national team. He has a dedicated following and has won many individual accolades and team titles. Rooney has lead his team and the league in scoring many times, and continues to amaze with highly entertaining football manoeuvres.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole is a defender who plays for the London team based out of Chelsea. Interestingly, Cole is not known for flashy football moves or countless goals, but instead for his defence. Widely considered one of the best defenders of all time, Cole takes pride in shutting down the opposing team instead of trying to put his team ahead with scoring. He has been player of the year and won many team and individual awards. Cole has had a bit of checkered past of the field, but on the field he is worth the price of admission to see.

How to Buy Metropolitain City Football Tickets on eBay

Buying tickets for metropolitain city football matches is simple when shoppers rely on websites like eBay to meet their every need. eBay has such a wide range of options and prices in addition to their intuitive searching capabilities, shoppers are virtually guaranteed to find the perfect football ticket. The best place to start is with a basic keyword search, which is done simply by typing simple terms into the search box located on every page of eBay's website. This collects the broadest range of results which can be refined by adding more specific terms to the search, such as team names or dates. eBay also provides useful categories as an alternative to keyword searching to help buyers track down their ideal ticket.

Once the results are displayed, shoppers can then use the various filters to sort and organise the results in a variety of different ways. Shoppers can limit the results by features such as: location, date, and team or sort the results by price, time left at auction, or buying format. Once the buyer has located the ideal ticket, they should feel confident shopping with eBay and finalising their purchase.


Metropolitain trips are a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. In addition to the scenery, culture, and restaurants, some may opt to take in a football match. Metropolitain cities are home to most of the major football clubs and teams in the United Kingdom making them the ideal place to see a match. When buying tickets, shoppers should be sure to check the dates, location, price, and the teams involved in the match. These are the most important considerations for a shopper to think about when trying to find tickets.

Many major teams and players can affect the price and availability of tickets, therefore it is important to make these arrangements well in advance of the date that the match is to be played. Rivalry games, and teams with devoted supporters, are typically more difficult to see due to the scarcity of available tickets. Although tickets for rivalry games, or when superstar athletes are in town may be more expensive or difficult to obtain, often times they are well worth the added cost to see these events in person. It is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience one is sure to never forget.

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