Mi Wheels a dangerous Bugaboo Fake!

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There are a surge of these coming up on eBay and being compared to being like the Bugaboo. Apart from the looks that is as far as the comparision goes.
The materials are sub standard and they have passed no safety testing which is worrying as people are unaware when tey see these potential baby death traps on wheels up for sale. To sell a car seat as a car seat in the advert but when probed about safety testing they said they only recommend the car seat to be used on the chassis says alot about this company.

Basically Mi Wheels is an patent infringing illegal copy made in a factory in China which probably made in unbearable conditions with the high possibility children are involed in the manufacturing of this unregulated product. It is made of inferior materials when a model had been sought and looked over. Worryingly it would fail to pass any UK safety testing as it doesn't come up to standard and the car seat is illegal. If you want a Bugaboo then purchase a Bugaboo you pay more but at least your childs safety isn't in question.

Bugaboo are on the case as they are obviously they are not happy that this product is being compared against their product and their design they have invested millions in has been stolen by some chinese factory wanting to make a quick buck off ther back!

"If you have had the misfortune to have been sold a Mi Wheels then send it back and request a refund or contact your local trading standards."

If a Bugaboo looks as though it is being listed too cheaply check to see if it is just a Mi Wheels with Bugaboo fabric pack being put on it :-S

This warning needs to get out there.
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