Mia Moda Cielo Pushchair

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Hi All,

Now I am the Pushchair Queen.  I have had so many I can't even remember the exact number!  But, in recent times, I decided we needed a pushchair which we could carry onto a plane and put in the overhead bin as I was sick of trekking through huge airports to the luggage reclaim hall with two very young, tired, squirmy kids and heavy hand-luggage!!!

As you know, most airlines require that you either check your puschair in with your luggage at the desk or you hand it over at the gate, to be collected on the carousel at the other end, be it whole or in bits! This wasn't good enough for me.  I wanted at least one pushchair the minute I got off that aircraft to put the little one in!  At least that way, one kid was strapped in safely and out of harms way whilst I kept hold of the other one & hand luggage whilst hubby collected the baagage and other pushchair off the carousel and loaded such onto a trolley.

I looked at the Quinny Zapp, the Alu, the Quicksmart and the very elusive Mia Moda Cielo.  I read as many reviews as I could find on all of these pushchairs and I checked out the hand luggage specifications with various airlines to see if they were indeed small enough to comply.  It seemed that only the Mia Moda Cielo fit the bill for Monarch, with whom we were flying from Manchester to Malaga.  I spent ages online trying to find out as much info about the pushchair as possible and watched video clips of it etc.  It is described as a one-hand, briefcase fold and comes with it's own travel bag.  Unfortunately, it isn't supplied with a raincover, but that didn't bother me too much.

It seemed to be the best option, but not available in the UK or Europe.  Luckily, I managed to purchase one through Ebay, from a very nice lady in Florida, for approx £80.00.  The delivery was very quick too!

The Mia Moda Cielo comes in an assortment of colour schemes to suit all tastes.  It looks a little like an office chair converted into a pushchair! It has one, rigid plastic handle which makes it extremely easy to push one-handed and it's not too low, so it's great for hubby to push too!  It handles like a dream and has a very good canopy/hood on it.  The seat is niceley padded, but the puschair has no sides on it, which does make it look a little strange.  It has a five point harness and is suitable for children of six months on, although I think I would wait until about 9 months, personally.  One very nice design feature is the lovely, detachable shopping bag which hangs from the back of the puschair so that you are not always down on your hands and knees trying to get things in or out of one of those horrible underneath, useless things you usually get on very small, lightweight pushchairs!

We wheeled both kids to the desk at Manchester Airport and checked in the bags.  We were given stickers to put on the puschairs.  We just let them think we were checking both buggies at the gate.  When we were sat at the gate, we folded the pushchairs and put the Mia Moda Cielo into the lovely black carrybag it comes complete with.  My husband slung this over his shoulder, handed in ONE pushchair to the Airline staff and carried the other onto the plane and placed in the overhead bin of a Monarch airbus!!

This was an absolute godsend!  We waited until everyone had disembarked when we got to Malaga (we usually do, anyway) and then got our hand luggage, got off the plane, got the pushcair out of the bag and put it up straight away and placed our youngest child into it.  It was a hell of a long trek through the airport and this made it soooo much easier and an awful lot faster.  Whilst in the resort, I used the puschair for my older child who is a small 3 year old and who doesn't like to sleep in the pushchair much.  In fact, he absolutely loves it!

If you want a really robust, quirky, easy to handle, eye-catching, life-saving travel puschair, or even one for shopping trips or about town, public transport etc, then definitely look no further than the Mia Moda Cielo.  I can't rate it more highly..!!!!!!!



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