Micro Miniature houses & scenes

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Tiny miniature houses are becoming very popular and if space is an issue, they may be for you. There are a  few good sellers in the UK who also sell on ebay such as  In Some Small Way (don't know her ebay name, sorry but she's a lovely helpful lady) and Tadpole Miniatures(tanislaw) . They stock the most popular micro mini kits - thats 1/144 scale - 1" = 12 feet unlike normal 1/12 scale dolls houses where 1"=1 foot. Unbelievably you can buy these tiny houses (around 2.5 x 2.5 inches in size + or -) and get furniture to fill them - check out ebay .com too for a great choice - SDK miniatures in the US has fantastic miniature and micro mini plants. The best kits are made from wood and are laser cut and can be painted, wall papered and made up to your own taste, the same as any dolls house - just much smaller. You can actually get even smaller than 1/144 and there are sellers of these houses too in the UK. Most important when you are looking at a miniature piece is to check that it is all in scale - no good buying a 1/144 scale building in a scene if it has 1/12 scale foliage around it as it will not look right or natural. I've been buying these house kits and furniture kits for a few months now and they are totally addictive. You can find lots of information about where to buy and 'how to' on a great site called Micro Minis on Yahoo (not allowed to give the link on ebay - sorry - but easy to find) It's free and has lots of photos and advice as well as great members from across the whole world who freely share tips and chat.

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