Micro SD cards 32gb fakes

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It is quite difficult to spot these fakes until you actually bought them. When you receive the card, it will work and you thank the seller for giving you such a good deal and give him/her positive feed backs. But when you hit the 3-4gb stored data in the card, your device will still be happily saving data onto the card, there will be no error, no alarm sounding. When you want to retrieve that data, then you find you are in deep waters.

Your camera will not be able to read photos, mp3 will gave you only noises, video file will not even run. It is then you know you 've been had.

When you receive you card, you can test it by using a utility called H2testw, google it and download it (free), you don't even need to install the utility, just double click on the exe file and it will run. It will then write data to your card and verify it. A 32gb will take about 2 hours, at the end of the test it will tell you how much of your 32gb is useable. Faked 32gb card usually have true storage space of 4gb if you are lucky or 2gb if not. Lucky ones will be able to return the card for a refund, (for myself I still lose the postage sending back, Ebay requires you to send items back with tracking, so the minimum is recorded post, with large envelope minimum weight its £2 down the drain which the fake sellers will not refund to you). If you want to keep the card for any reason you can re partition the card to the true storage space reported by H2testw, by a free utility called MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition. Again google it.

I have been stung twice but these fakes, one is unbranded, one is Samsung brand. My advice is this: if you need these Micro SD cards, don't buy it from Ebay, pay a little bit more, get them from supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsburys or Asda. They are unlikely to sell fakes and of they are faulty, just take it back. With Ebay you have to wait at least 2-3 weeks before you get your money back and still you lose on the return postage.

Think twice about fakes sd cards especially before you go on holiday with your digital camera. You may not come back with your holiday snaps!!
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