Microsoft Vista---Increase the speed

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As a computer technician we receive a lot of calls from customers regarding the slow speeds of Microsoft Vista. Its amazing how many people are so excited about getting a new computer with vista installed, and within a week are fed up with it, due to the slow speeds. A lot of people revert back to Windows XP, but Vista does have many advantages with advanced security measures to help reduce the amount of spyware/malware installing on your computer.

There are many ways to increase the running speed of Windows Vista, including a memory upgrade, i always recommend 2Gb of RAM, this helps Vista run at faster speeds. 512mb is simply not enough memory to successfully run Vista. However, if you have just purchased a brand new computer, the last thing you will be wanting to do is spending more on upgrades.

OK you want to increase the speed of Vista, thats fine, its easy to increase the speed of vista but it will have knock on effects. In Vista there is a program called UAC, (User Account Control), this is the main security advantage with Vista, it protects your computer, from spyware/malware from self installing, it don't stop all bugs but a large majority. You can turn this program off, which will speed up Vista dramatically, however, you would lose the security aspect of Vista, so your computer would be more prone to threats like Windows XP.

I always suggest if you are going to switch the UAC off, then use some sort of protection, there are several programs to protect computers such as Nortons and Macafee. But why pay for your protection when you can get it free, I always recommend two programs AVG for antivirus protection and SupertAntiSpyware Remover, which are both free and easy to download from the Internet. If you update and run these on a regular basis then you will be fine, you will have a faster system and protection at the same time.

To turn off the UAC, go to your control panel, user account and click turn UAC on or off. Remember to restart your computer. There are many other ways of speeding up Vista, but this is one of the most effective, as well as removing unused programs from your startup menu.

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